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Front Hallway Update

You wanted beach photos today, didn’t you? Or maybe Frank Harlow Day Photos, even. They are coming, I promise, but the weekend was a hectic one and I had this post in the freezer, so to speak, so this is what you get for today. I know you’ll understand.

Remember how I told you that we had new siding and windows installed last summer? I mentioned it as part of the den that we did over and also the other day when I told you that we have a new front door. It occurs to me that I have never actually showed you the project in it’s entirety – as in, pictures of our house before when it was faded and blue and I hated it and pictures of our house now that it’s bright white and cheery and I love it. That’s going to have to wait for another time, though, as I will need finished photos.


Today I want to show you how we redid our front hallway. This was a project that was way overdue – the last time this hallway was painted my father did it just before I moved in and that was 18 years ago. It was also a project that neither of us cared about before, mostly because our old front door was drafty and we had a big quilt hung up over it so we never even opened it. Once we had that new door installed, though, and the light started shining through and I really stepped back and looked at the space. Well. Oh my did it need to be freshened up.

The walls are paneling and they were yellow and faded. The light fixtures were dated globes of frosted glass with brass trim. The stairs were rickety and a couple were broken and the post at the bottom was very wobbly. They were painted an awful shade of red and the paint was terribly chipped. The floor was ugly old red tile and it, too, was chipped and broken.

Now the walls are painted a creamy off white. The stairs are glued and fixed and awesome (thanks, Dale!) and they are painted black with white risers. The floor has been updated with new press-on tile that Dale and I installed ourselves at a cost of about 20 bucks. We have new light fixtures and, despite how tiny it is, it’s a welcoming and cheerful space.

How about some before and after photos to illustrate?

front hallway before for carole knits front hallway after for carole knits


old floor for carole knits floor after for carole knits

stairs before for carole knits stairs after for carole knits

stairway wall for carole knits stair post for carole knits

top stairs after for carole knits

new light fixture for carole knits


So. Much. Better.

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  1. It’s so much lighter, brighter, and beautiful! I’m impressed by the work you and Dale did, and that you had the foresight to take before pictures!

  2. I won’t even recognize your home should I ever return. Did I know you had a quilt over the front door? If I did I’ve certainly forgotten that tidbit. Good job of making your home beautiful and more to your liking! It’s wonderful!

  3. It all looks very spiffy! Especially love the light fixture. We’re remodeling our kitchen right now. Looooong overdue, but a very slow process. But it will be such a difference. I will feel like I have a whole new house. I imagine that’s how you feel with everything you’ve done this last year. Enjoy!

  4. When you were younger, did you ever think you would be all jazzed about a new door? Itdoes make a world of difference!

  5. Nice work! It looks so fresh, clean, and bright. Love that light fixture! I use those same filament bulbs in the pendant lights over my kitchen island. LOVE.

  6. It looks GREAT, Carole! So inviting and warm and welcoming. Bet you just smile every time you go through the door. XO

  7. Love, love, love the light fixture. The rest is nice, too, of course!

  8. Looks great! There’s nothing like a spruce up to make you love your house again.

  9. What a beautiful difference thanks to a lot of sweat equity and a small amount of money! I LOVE black, white and cream together…very elegant! Enjoy your new space…you’ve earned it!

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