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Hello February

Hello shortest month of the year. You come with a bonus day in 2020. We’ll be spending that extra day this month remembering my brother-in-law Randy. It feels appropriate . . . an extra day . . . a set apart day . . . a day to take a step forward on this journey of grief we are on.

Hello to more light. It’s not dark when I leave work now and I’m grateful for that every day.

Hello to February Celebrations. Black History Month. Valentine’s Day. President’s Day.

Hello to School Vacation Week and a family trip to New Hampshire.

Hello to all the weather you might bring our way. Potential snow days. Cold crisp nights. Warmish days that start to work their way in between those cold ones.

Hello to the Oscars and the culmination of awards season.

Hello to snow drops and daffodil shoots. Hello to garden dreaming and planning.

Hello to bringing us one step closer to spring with easy passing day.


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  1. Hello to all the good things you’ve enumerated! I will be thinking of you and your family on the 29th and looking forward to snowdrops.

  2. Such good things on your list, Carole! February does feel like a turning point month, doesn’t it??? (And do you have actual snow drops blooming right now?????) XO

  3. Snow drops and daffodil shoots are already up in my neighborhood, so I think Phil might be right about an early spring!

    I think taking the leap day to remember Randy is a wonderful idea.

  4. Yesterday was 61 and today we have 15″ of snow covering my snowdrop shoots! SHOOT! This is February with all its personalities. I am so excited about the extra light at both ends of the day and that we’ll be celebrating Smith’s birthday! I, too, will keep you in my heart this month, especially on the 29th. xo

  5. What a lovely welcome, Carole! a few of my neighbors have daffodils blooming already. and a family trip to NH sounds like so much fun. also, the idea to think about Randy on the “extra day” is perfect. xoxo.

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