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Librarians are Knitters, Too

When last we met I was raving about the Camp of Knitting Instruction. I was inspired. I was excited. I was ready to knit myself a beautiful Victorian Miser’s Purse.

I was nuts.

Do you know how long it would take to string 3,072 steel cut beads on to pearl cotton? Do you know how teeny size 0000 needles are? I was returned to reality with a resounding thud.

In a fit of desperation inspiration and to remind myself that there are doable knitting projects in my world, I went online and did some yarn shopping. My friends Missa and Jessica at Knit Pixie are now stocking Lorna’s Laces. Woo hoo! I got some of this:


and some of this:


Notice how lovely the yarn looks photographed outside in the perennial garden? Hey, I’ve learned a thing or two from Yarn Harlot.

Tomorrow I head to Falmouth for the Massachusetts Library Assocation Annual Conference. There will be meetings and conference-type things and lots of idle time and I’ve made a decision. It’s life-altering, this decision of mine. It’s time to come out of the closet and KIP with the librarians. I’ve always avoided knitting in library settings for fear of perpetuating the stereotype librarian weirdo thing. But, really, isn’t that being a tad redundant? Why should I be worried about being judged as a weirdo for knitting at a library conference? I’m already a weirdo just for attending a library conference. How much worse could it get?

I promise to knit at the conference and the travelling socks will be with me. With any luck it won’t be raining and I’ll have pictures of the socks at the beach.

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  1. okay Carole,now you’ve gone and done it. I’ve ordered Debby Bliss cashmerino for the new baby from knit gardenand How can I resist knit pixie site for sock yarn. Heaven help me there is a knitter hidden in this quilter.

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