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School Concerts – A Knitter’s Dream!

Two and one half hours. That’s one hundred and fifty minutes and it’s the average length of time of a Spring Concert at my daughter’s school. During these two and one half hours Hannah appeared for approximately seven minutes to sing with the 7th and 8th grade chorus. She was very good but that still left one hundred and forty-three minutes when my kid was not performing. Hunh. Don’t get me wrong, the other children and young adults are very good. Some of them are even amazingly talented, like Jason, my friend Debbie’s son. (Hi Deb!) But still – this makes for a long evening and that’s how Dale and I spent Friday night.

The upside of the whole thing – and you knew this was coming because I am, of course an optimist – is that two and one half hours at a school concert makes for a lot of uninterrupted knitting time. Of course, I had the wildfoote socks with me. As we were leaving the house and Hannah saw the knitting bag and started this conversation:

Hannah: Mom, you’re bringing your knitting? (tone of disbelief and possibly disgust)
Mom: Of course I’m bringing my knitting. You don’t expect me to sit there and not knit, do you?
Hannah: It’s a concert. You’re supposed to be listening!
Mom: I listen with my ears, not my hands, sweetie pie.
Hannah: I think I liked you better before the whole KIP thing.

Of course, she was singing a different tune when I tossed her a finished sock during the first intermission. She immediately tried it on and we snapped this picture.


I had about 24 inches of yarn left over – it was another close one but there was absolutely no freakin’ way I was frogging this thing again. Thank goodness it fit.

So, naturally, I started the second sock and took this picture of Hannah. (I’ve found that bribing Hannah with the promise of a picture on the blog is actually a good motivational tool.)


So, today. Today is the day. I hesitate to even say it for fear of jinxing myself. Today is the day I’m going to meet Yarn Harlot. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. What should I wear? What will I say? What if she doesn’t show up and my dreams are shattered? Gosh, that’s a lot of what ifs. We will head for the NH Sheep and Wool Festival shortly and hopefully come home with yarn and 2 signed copies of At Knit’s End. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

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  1. Hey Carole! My knitting goes with me to ever concert (and I have a future music major who plays two instruments and sings, yep the concert thing is at least once a week). I know where the best lit seats are in every audotorium. My kids have given up commenting. It was so cool to meet you today. I think it is always so much fun to put three-dimensional figures to the names and faces. Of course, I hardly ever remember anyone by anything but their blog name, so you and Norma have pegged it just right! So, did you break the bank? Show! Show!

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