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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

This past weekend my family and I experienced what’s called a “Time Line” event at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH. We were there as part of the New England Brigade staff and represented the American Civil War time period. There were also reenactors offering other impressions.
Definitely not Civil War, ay?

The sock had a great time checking out the various time periods represented throughout the camp. This WW II tank rolled through camp late Friday night and it was really cool to see. The sock was impressed. Here it is, admiring the tank.

And again, this time admiring the 1940s VW. The guys with this car were all set for a little road trip – until they remembered they hadn’t put the plates on the vehicle. They rushed back to camp pretty quick when they saw a police officer looking at them quizzically!

Of course there was much knitting throughout the weekend. The sock leg is finished, and I’m working on the gussets now. The Lorna’s Laces is very soft and the leg pattern was pretty easy once I got my mind wrapped ’round it.

I leave you with this picture of moi, taken by Betty, who had just returned from Disney World. My knitting was in my lap and I hadn’t been drinking. Honest.

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  1. CAROLE !!! What a bummer ! You were RIGHT there in my neighborhood and I didn’t even know it so I could come say hi. I live just a few streets away from where the encampment was.
    Helen (NETA shepherd)

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