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Town Meetings are for Knitting

In my list of “100 things about me” I say that I find Town Meeting to be fascinating. And I really do. I love to listen to what the idiots people have to say. Then I sit and wait for the arguing. Because there is always arguing at Town Meeting. And this is where the fascination comes in – you never know what the arguing will be about. I have watched the Town Meeting body pass a budget of millions of dollars with nary a comment and then argue over spending $50 to buy a department a new filing cabinet.
Monday night was Town Meeting in the town where I work. It was also Town Meeting in the town where I live but I had to attend for work so my home townies were on their own. Everything went pretty much as predicted, with the usual doom and gloom from the Finance Committee while the Selectmen’s recommendations were the ones that passed.
Since I was only there to answer questions regarding the library budget, and since there weren’t any questions regarding the library budget, I mostly just sat and knitted. Not a bad way to spend the evening. After all, I was actually knitting and getting paid. Pretty slick, doncha think?
Here’s the sock watching the proceedings, pleased that the library budget has been passed and I have a job for another year.

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  1. Good news about the budget.

    Do you ever watch “The Gilmore Girls”? There are occasionally scenes at their town meetings that you might find amusing.

  2. Hi Carole,

    It sounds like you take all the city politics well. In one of my first library jobs, I was the reference librarian for a small city near Houston. At one meeting they refused to fund my pc and bought one for the water department instead. The couldn’t see why a building full of “girls” would need a computer! I’m afraid I was the angry/crazy person at that one. It was many years ago and I hope things are better there now.

    Glad for your good news,

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