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The Deep End of the Pool

I have started the Leaf Lace Shawl from Fiber Trends. Frankly, I have started it 4 times, invested about 3 hours and I’m on row 17. I’m not a slacker knitter but I should explain.

First of all, I have never done a provisional cast on before and I don’t know how to crochet. So, picture me, Sunday morning, sitting at my dining room table with a book in front of me which illustrates how to crochet. I’m a fairly intelligent woman, this shouldn’t have been difficult, right? I hereby revoke everything I ever said/thought about crocheting being for people who weren’t smart enough to knit. In the end, I won, but for a while there it wasn’t pretty. Neither was my language.

Now that I’ve mastered learned provisional cast on, I’m ready to attempt the pattern. I progressed limped along, but kept noticing that what I had just didn’t look like the picture. Hunh. Keep going. Still not looking like the picture. I finally woke up realized that I wasn’t following the pattern correctly and therefore I wasn’t getting that nice knit stitch in the middle of the pattern repeats.




Start again – but – at least I’m really good okay at provisional cast on now.

I think I’m in over my head I’ve got the hang of it but this sure has been a long fezzle. I’m not even going to show you a picture – it’s tiny, okay? Here look at this. Cari started her shawl on Sunday, too. I’m so jealous.

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  1. I did battle with Kiri in the days before I cast on for this shawl, so I think the knitting gods threw me a freebee this weekend. We’ll see if my luck holds out. (I’ll be adding a lifeline at the end of the next repeat, just in case it doesn’t!) What yarn are you using?

  2. Great pattern — I almost bought it a few weeks ago and should have! Look forward to seeing your progress ~ once it’s done, you’ll enjoy it so much that this will just be a blimp on the screen.

  3. I guess my prediction that you would start the shawl on Friday was off – but only by 2 days! I am looking forward to seeing your progress, as I have this project lined up to do someday.

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