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I’m Happy, Don’t Ruin It

All you bloggers with bleeding heart pictures? Eat your heart out and look at this.

That’s a pink lady’s slipper – rare and endangered in Massachusetts but not in my friend Lois’ backyard. This plant returns every year under her pine tree- not planted or cultivated, it just shows up. So of course, last night at knitting quilting, I had to take a photo with sock.

The Koigu Feather and Fan scarf is finished. I like it, although it seemed endless to knit. Here’s a picture of the scarf reclining over the wild geranium in my yard.

As for the Leaf Lace Shawl, these flower shots and a finished scarf have put me in a good mood. Let’s not spoil it by bringing up nasty things.

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  1. Nice lady slippers! We had one of those – now I need to go and see if it’s still alive! The bleeding heart was nothing – wait ’til you see my lupines in a few weeks! Your scarf is really pretty! The sock is too – but it looks lonely.

  2. That’s so interesting. Will we get a peek when it’s open? Love it with the socks. Socks seem to like gardens.

  3. Gorgeous pink lady’s slipper. The scarf is beautiful. I think I’ll need to take my knits outdoors this weekend!

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