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Medication + Heat = No Knitting

We spent this last weekend in Lincoln, RI doing a Civil War Event. The weather gods must have been smiling on us because it didn’t rain. Did you hear that? It. did. not. rain. This is our fourth time venturing out this season and the first time that we haven’t brought home wet canvas. On the other hand, it was 95 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. I’m not complaining or anything (well, actually, I might be complaining) but that’s friggin’ hot when you’re wearing pantaloons, a chemise and a long dress. It’s even hotter when you’re wearing wool, which Dale was. And it’s hotter still when you have spent every event prior to this one huddled around the wood stove trying desperately to stay warm. Let’s just say there wasn’t much time to adjust to the change in season.

The other drawback to the weekend was my bronchitis. (Yes, bronchitis. Thank you Strawbery Banke.) To treat my bronchitis I was taking some sort of super-duper 3 day antibiotic. The combination of the uber-power medicine and the unexpected heat wave made for a weekend of lethargy and nausea. Fun, huh? Don’t you wish you were a reenactor, too?

I spent most of Saturday sitting around trying not to throw up and I barely knit a thing. Well, that’s not exactly true, I did finish the first Dublin Bay sock and managed to cast on and knit the ribbed cuff of the second sock. Isn’t that pathetic? I had 2 days of uninterrupted knitting time and I felt too sick and tired to knit. Sigh.

While I’m in complaining mode I have to tell you about the apparent assholes idiots of Lincoln, RI who felt the need to drive by in the middle of the night honking their car horns and screaming obscenities at us. This happened all night both Friday and Saturday. And by night I mean midnight til 3 or 4 am. I have been reenacting for several years now and have never experienced anything like this before. What would inspire someone to think, “hey, there’s a bunch of historic tents and people up on that hill. I think I’ll interrupt their peaceful night by honking and swearing at them”? I have no idea. But then again, I’m not an asshole idiot so it’s hard to capture the mindset. Next year I hope they post the artillery pieces down by the road. One good cannon blast ought to shut up those assholes idiots.

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  1. There’s a very cool reenactment that tons of people attend near where I live. I believe it’s at Latta Plantation or Rural Hill (Huntersville, NC). My son is so into all of that. As a matter of fact, he’s involved in a Civil War camp this summer. It’s very cool that you participate in the reenactments. I’d love to hear details. 🙂

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