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Back in the $addle Again

You know what always makes me feel better when I’m sick? $hopping! So, I spent some cash at Knit Pixie yesterday and it was hand-delivered to me 5 minutes ago – that’s because I am so special live down the street from the Knit Pixie online store. Look at the lovely packaging – a beautiful “Peace Fleece” bow and awesome lime green and orange tissue paper. Eat your heart out all you Knit Pixie fans!

Anyway, a heads up from Wendy at Knit and Tonic alerted me to the fact that Vesper Sock Yarn by Knitterly Things is back in stock. That was all it took for me to buy a skein of Aqua Melon and a skein of Tartan. Each is 440 yards of self-striping goodness (as in 100% merino) in totally unique colorways! (their words, not mine) Lookee here.

While I was perusing I also snagged some of this. Karabella Yarns Lace Mohair in 540 yard skeins. Supposedly this works as an excellent substitute for Rowan Kid Silk Haze and it’s a little easier on the pocketbook. Me being such a practical and thrifty shopper, I bought two and that’s enough to make me a nice lace shawl. This is the summer of lace, after all. I will probably shoot myself for buying it in black – not to mention that the Leaf Lace Shawl and I aren’t exactly flying along – but still, I couldn’t resist.

And, isn’t this the cutest double pointed needle case? The fabric is uniquely Knit Pixie’s and it’s made by Knitterly Things, too. I just had to have it for all those dpns I have hanging around. Organization is my middle name, after all. And having such a lovely needle case will inspire me so much to keep my needles organized. That and it’s cool, okay?

Sigh. I love love love new yarn. And now, back to Leaf Lace. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually have something worth showing you all. Then again, maybe not.
Oh, and those of you with inquiring minds, I am feeling much much better!

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  1. Found you through Knit and tonic, she sure is funny!! So, my question since I’ve not ordered from Knit Pixie yet, is that how they wrap their goodies….or is it my bet…they know you (and you’re special)?! Regardless, I simply must order from them (I also must knit down some of my stash, the husband is starting to make comments..)

  2. Wow! Is that yarn as lovely in person as it is in the picture! You are so lucky to have it. I love the little needle purse, too. Please do show the knitted items from the Vesper yarn. I have two skeins sitting here and I don’t quite know if I should do socks or something else…

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