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Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime!

This was the scene last night on the Common in my home town. Dale and the Duds were center stage for the kick-off to their summer tour extravaganza. I wanted this picture of the crowd (actually, it’s about half the crowd) to show you that Dale’s band is really quite popular in our area – in case you thought I was making up that bit about him being talented. They played their usual blend of good old fashioned rock ‘n roll with a little bit ‘o country thrown in for good measure. There were hamburgers and hot dogs and popcorn and ice cream. This is Patrick, my (step)grandson, enjoying his Sponge Bob ice cream. Patrick.jpg

It was a picture-perfect night – the temperature was ideal and there was a teeny sprinkle of rain which resulted in a beautiful rainbow just as the band started playing. Neighbors and friends that we hadn’t seen all winter were in abundance and there was knitting. Of course there was knitting! Wendy and I were working on socks and Lois was working on a booga bag and it was an altogether pissa summer night.

Meanwhile, bag at home, Mason is ignoring the kitty pi. I bribed him to at least sit in it for 2 seconds, so I could snap a photo. He immediately went back to ignoring it. Maybe it’s too hot and he just isn’t in the mood to snuggle. Or maybe he’s just being a cat.

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  1. Hi Carole,
    I think Mason, like any self-respecting Siamese, will only become intersted in his new bed when you make it clear you don’t want him sleeping there. I have proof. I didn’t want my kitty in the silk flower arrangemement, the baby’s crib, the laundry basket, the kitchcen sink, … and she slept happily in all 🙂

    (The bed is wonderful and he will not be able to resist long.)

  2. Hi:

    I recently heard about Dale and the Duds and I wanted to try to contact them about playing for a private party – do you know how I can contact them? Or where they are based?

    Thanks very much,

    Toby (

  3. Realy like those red cable socks. What is the name of the pattern? Perhaps I missed it in your blog. If so, my apologies. Nice photos! Also, I’ve enoyed your husband’s band at BOW weekend and in Plymouth. Is there a way to get their schedule?

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