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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinnner?

Another Saturday, another party. This one was at my co-worker Amy’s house and we had a great time. There was loads of food and a truckload of beer and even jello shots, too. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.

Just down the road from the party we spotted an Eastern Box turtle trying to cross the road. Dale pulled over and I jumped out and grabbed her and we brought her with us to Amy’s. I thought perhaps I could pass her off as a hostess gift but that didn’t work. There were a lot of interested kids there, though, so Dale put her in a plastic tub, hoping she would come out of her shell so they could get a look at her before we returned her to the woods. She finally came out and in my continuing attempt to show the sock a good time, I let her have a go with it. Ya know what? Turtles apparently don’t have a gift for knitting. She got, like, nothing done.
Isn’t she cool looking, though? If you want to read more about Eastern Box turtles, check out this.

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  1. I think the turtle was a little ungrateful to not knit for you after you took her to a party with jello shots and everything – what a slacker. I don’t remember MY grandmothers doing jello shots – times sure have changed!

  2. Wow, that turtle sure came out of his/her shell. Very nice.

    I thought of you today when I dropped my son off for his (Union) Civil War camp. The guy who runs the camp is a reenactor. Very interesting stuff. My son is in HEAVEN.

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