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A New Rule

Some people have “rules” about what they do on certain days of the week. You know them – it’s the “Tuesdays are for spinning” folks. I think this is a good idea, ya’ll know how I like rules to keep my projects in line. This rule doesn’t work in my world, howevah, due to one tiny problem – I don’t spin. And, a note to you bunnycrack spin addicts, don’t even try to get me started with spinning, I’m all set with hobbies.

So, my most neglected hobby lately is scrapbooking quilting. I used to be completely addicted to quilting. I couldn’t go a day without sewing some patch to another patch. Then knitting entered my life and, well, you know the rest, you’ve heard it all before. However, I still love quilts and to get quilts I have to actually quilt now and again. Duh. Therefore, I have made a new rule. (insert imaginary drumroll here, please)

Wednesdays are for quilting!!

The results of this rule will be tremendous. I might actually will finish the Morning Star quilt for my bed before the weather gets cold again. I might actually will finish the Pinwheel quilt for the dining room table. I might actually will start AND finish a new Log Cabin quilt. Best of all, I won’t have to hear any crap from the Hungry Quilters about knitting at quilt night.

I even have a picture to show you that I’m serious about this new rule.
That, my blog readers, is a Longaberger Small Serving Tray (did I mention that my new baskets had come in?) filled with 2″ strips ready to become a Log Cabin quilt. I actually went to quilting last night and spent my time ironing and cutting these scraps. I also helped Lois sew the binding on a quilt she made for a church raffle. I figure this way she’ll owe me and have to want to help me with my quilt since this is a wedding gift and I need it done by September 10th. I think I’m off to a great start and I’m charging my readers with keeping me honest and on track with my commitment to quilting once a week. If I drop the ball, feel free to dope slap me.

Want to know something else? The real reason I’ve been quilting and knitting and working like mad is to provide me with a distraction from this! It’s been sitting in my office since last Tuesday and I still have to wait 2 more days before I can open it. The Harry Potter fans out there feel my pain, I’m sure. The torture is almost unbearable. Knitting and quilting are my only sources of relief.

Speaking of knitting (yeah, cuz, Hi! this is a knitting blog) I haven’t touched the socks since Tuesday because what little knitting time I had yesterday was devoted to the never-ending Leaf Lace Shawl and, starting the Log Cabin quilt because, after all, Wednesdays are for Quilting. But, I have to show you how cute the sock looks in this basket. It’s the perfect size for a carry-along sock project, doncha think?

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  1. Hi Carole,
    We are counting down the hours for Harry Potter tonight. I’m so glad I don’t quilt. The only thing I’ve finished in months have been a few hats and a scarf! If I added anymore rules, I’d be doomed. Thanks for the great blog!

  2. Look forward to seeing the Log Cabin progress. So, do they install a sensor to make sure that you don’t open the box 🙂 Love, love, love the sock in that basket.

  3. Oh, now you’re making me feel guilty for abandoning my quilt project a season or so ago. I had come up with an idea for the 2nd Vermont ladies to create a album quilt that we could auction off. Figured it would give us something to do together in camp, and then we could make money for the unit with a raffle (unless we fell in love with it). I had cut out the pieces, distributed them, women sewed them together, I collected them… then I dropped the ball! I’m so bad… 🙁

    Anyway, cool baskets, great sock! And when are you going to knit baby things???

  4. How in the heck are you NOT OPENING THAT BOX?!?! You are a waaay stronger woman than I.

    Sock looks great in the basket…maybe I should pick a day to do something other than knitting…like cleaning ;o)

  5. Love the basket – basket weaving is one of my neglected pastimes. I’ve also started sewing again, but I’m scared to try quiliting because it looks like annother addictive hobby!

  6. In my local library there are already 965 requests for the HP book. The bookstore is expecting thousands of people to be in line at midnight. Madness!

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