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Lucky 13

Remember how the prize winning comment was #213? And how I said that it was a random number? It wasn’t. I lied. You see, it was representative of something major that happens tomorrow. My daughter Hannah will turn 13. Yup, my baby is a teenager. Sigh.

I could write a lot of things about Hannah and how fast she’s grown and I could spend time contemplating where these years went. I could tell you that she’s a great actress and she sings in the shower. I could mention that she has tried to learn to knit but just can’t stick with it. I could tell you that she has lots of friends and a great personality. Or I could even talk about the time she tripped and fell over absolutely nothing. But I won’t because I might embarrass her. And you guys know how easy it is to embarrass a teenage girl. And how long you have to suffer the consequences.

So, I’ll just say Happy Birthday, Hannah. And then I’ll spend some time contemplating how we went from this:
hke (2)small.bmp

to this:

in the blink of an eye.

Won’t you all join me and wish Hannah a happy birthday?

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  1. “Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Hannah,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!”

    Hope you have a great one!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Hannah! Welcome to your teen years.

    Carole, my little girl just turned 13 too, and I seem to remember her wearing the same outfit when she was a baby. Such cute pics!

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah — boy is she a beauty!

    Yeah to you Carole for making it this far! I will be there next summer.

  4. Happy Birthday, Hannah! aaahh, the teen years… ;o)

    Carole…you have a beautiful daughter and good luck – does she like to say ‘what-EVER’ like mine?

  5. Happy Birthday to Hannah! (remembering what I put my parents through when I was a teenager, I wish you all the best, Carole. 😉 )

  6. Here’s to you, Little Loser!

    And to you, Loser, the one who did all the work that day. “…And you one the edge…”

    Love ya,
    The Other Loser

  7. Happy Birthday, Hannah!! I hope you have a great day!

    Makes you wonder how far the next “blink of an eye” will take you, huh, Carole? Hannah looks like she’s standing in MY old kitchen in that wee pic — same doors and hardware! Kind of a blast from the past.

  8. happy birthday hannah!
    carole–she is beautiful! my oldest will be 4 in oct. and it just seems like i held her for the first time yesterday. think i’ll still feel this way when she is 13?

  9. I’ve had spotty internet connections for the last couple of days, so please accept a belated Happy Birthday Hannah! Welcome to the big teenage years. Be kind to you mother.

  10. Lovely little girl…lovely big girl! (sigh) I remember when my daughter was that age–I could keep up with her better when she was under my feet!

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