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The Birthday Posting

Hello Everyone,
If you don’t recognize my handwriting it’s because I’m not Carole, I’m actually her husband, Dale. Carole is taking the day off from blogging because it’s her birthday. She tells me that other bloggers have had guest bloggers filling in on their special day, so here I am.

If you read “Carole Knits” regularly you’ll know that she’s been dreading this birthday for a while! I guess it hits different people different ways and at different ages. I felt “it” at my 30th, but no other. For some people it’s turning 20 or 25 but I hear that more folks feel something weird about turning 40 or 50. The big four-oh and the big five-oh. I’ve always wondered why. Is it because each zero represents another decade? Is it the recognition that 40+40=80? Is it that 50 equals half a century? Or is it all in our heads, egged on by spin doctors selling birthday cards and the usual pathetic jokes about going over the proverbial hill?

Whatever the case, I can tell you Carole is surviving the ordeal just fine. She looks as good today as she did yesterday! The hurricane that she predicted to arrive during her birthday bash never materialized; it was blue skies and clear sailing all the way. I hope that’s an indicator of the forecast for her 41st year.

There’s nothing like a flood of emails wishing you a happy birthday to chase the blues away, so I would like to have all of you who might be reading this please join me in wishing Carole a very happy 40th birthday!

And one last thought on age for you, Carole. Every day of those 40 years has made you who you are and I would hope you wouldn’t trade a single day back ’cause you’re pretty special just the way you are!

Happy Birthday, Honey.

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  1. Happy Birthday Carole! We already knew that Dale was the sweetest thing, but really! He is great. Another reason to embrace 40, another year with Dale. Have a great day, and remember-it beats the alternative. (And what a young *grandmother* you are!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Carole! Quite a guy you have there. Anyway, 40 is just a number that would mean nothing if we didn’t have a base-10 sytem. Just saying. 🙂

  3. Happy B-day! It’s not too bad over here on the dark side of 40! I am 45, so I plan on having my mid-life crisis any day now.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday!!
    What a sweet, sweet post from your hubby!! You are obviously well and very loved. Have a wonderful day! (And what a great picture that is of the two of you!! Hope you framed that one.)

  5. What a sweet post Dale! I’d be afraid to let my husband post for me…it would end up being more of a roast and all the embarassing stories would be aired.

    Carole—Happy happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday you pretty thing, you! How sweet of your husband to post for ya. Mine doesn’t even know the name of my blog.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Birthday, Carole!

    A guest blogger is a wonderful gift! And you look so cute together!

    Have a wonderful year and MANY MORE!

    p.s. Jess sent me 😀

  8. Happy Birthday Carole! Dale’s post was so touching. I am so glad I delivered to you yesterday! I knew there was a reason I had to get it to you….hope you had a great cake that you didn’t make yourself and a nice martini (maybe from the Mockingbird )?

  9. Hope you enjoy your day! Celebrate! It’s just a number. On my 50th I took the day off of work (it was a Monday and it was so awesome!) Had a massage then dinner later that evening with my mother-in-law and daughter Jessalu and Roger too! The champagne was great and the cake more than lit up the room!
    So just remember – you don’t have to act your age – I don’t and I’m having tons of fun!
    Jessica’s mom – jane

  10. Happy 40th!!

    My hubby thought he could pull one over on the carnival guy who was guessing ages. Pete thought he’d be about ten years off on me. Wrong! He guessed it right on the button … here’s to men who don’t “see” us ageing. 🙂

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