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The Land of Tricks and Treats, Part Two

Frankly, I have nothing but treats for today’s post. That’s how good the Franklin Fiber Twist was for me. Blogless Sharon (really, this is her official name now. Even Helen said so.) and I headed out Saturday morning and when we left Southeastern Massachusetts it was spitting snow. But as we drove west on Route 2, the sun peeked through the clouds and the temperature climbed and we knew we were going to have a great day.

We hit the grange hall first. There we stuck our hands in bags of smelly fleece, we saw the Bosworths and the Cranberry Moon Farm booth and the The Fiber Art Center booth. Oh, and we shopped. Get ready for the treats now!

Those are batts of madder-dyed coopworth from Woollies of Shirkshire Farm. Linnie was so friendly and answered all my questions about natural dyeing!

We met Helen of Bay Colony Farm. No, I didn’t take a picture of Helen, although she is a regular commenter here on the blog. I’m such a bad blogger. But I did buy all that stuff from her. There’s some snowy-white corriedale and two skeins of Magical Roving, which Helen claims I can spin into enough yarn for socks. Can’t wait to give it a shot!

After we left the marketplace we drove out to Tregelly’s Farm. It was a pretty drive and the view at the farm is spectacular! The family was very friendly, the dogs were numerous and, while we were disappointed to find that Jody McKenzie of Botanical Shades was not dyeing yarn as indicated on the schedule, that didn’t stop us from buying stuff.

That’s yarn and roving from Botanical Shades. I had to buy the green mohair locks just because the color is called Wasabi. And the yarn will be for socks for Dale and the other roving just called my name. I’m a fiber slut these days, what can I say?

Sharon pets the Bactrian Camel. He’s pretty big but very friendly.


And goats!!

We left Tregelly’s and headed in search of food. We found it here. The place is funky and the food is delicious and it provided the perfect place to relax and reflect.

Full of food and fiber, we headed home. It was a perfect day. No tricks, only treats. Sometimes life is good like that.

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  1. It all looks so great. I am glad you had such a good time.

    Betty, you may have said it but we were all thinking it to ourselves. It made me chuckle.

  2. MADDER-DYED COOPWORTH?!!!! I want that! I swear, I don’t know if I’ll ever buy yarn again…it’s all about making it myself now. That’s pretty damn cool. (or this phase might wear off…stay tuned for further breakthroughs!) Looks like just a marvelous day, including the wonderful lunch/dinner/whatever it was!

  3. Great haul! I love going up to Tregelly’s. Yes, the view is spectacular. You should see just how cold it is up there on the mountain in the middle of winter! Brrrrrrrr.

  4. Great haul! I love going up to Tregelly’s. Yes, the view is spectacular. You should see just how cold it is up there on the mountain in the middle of winter! Brrrrrrrr.

  5. it was a good day had by all. put it on the “to do” list for next year. ps. i forgot to thank you for lunch—- thank you for lunch –me

  6. You’re going to love playing with all that fiber. I especially love those fluffy batts. Back to the wheel I go….


  7. Okay, I was just telling my husband that I now have no business buying more roving until I spin half of what I have, and you’ve gone and blown it by telling me not only about all these wonderful people but EVEN mentioning that they kind of don’t stop you from buying stuff…

    Sigh. Beautiful, beautiful haul. And normally I don’t groove on white, but that Corriedale is astonishing!

  8. Hi, I must have been on your trail at the Fiber Twist.We came up from CT and really enjoyed the day. We may have been at Helen’s booth at the same time?! Did you get to Foxfire Designs? Loved Tregallys too,
    Come visit!

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