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Cable Twist Socks – Finis!

Lookee here!
I finished Dale’s Cable Twist Rib socks. I only started these last July, that’s not too bad, right? The first sock was almost completed but it’s been languishing in the knitting basket since August when I had cast on the watermelon-striped Vesper sock yarn for Hannah. Then I had some Trekking I wanted to try and . . . well, you get the idea. Plus, I was getting wicked ladders on these socks. But Magic Loop (thanks again, Julia and Cate) solved all that and I picked up sock one last Sunday. Finished it on Tuesday and started sock two right away. Finished sock two on Saturday. I love worsted weight socks! Boy do they go fast. When you actually work on them. Ahem.

Here’s a close up of the pattern. Very simple and no cable needle required.

And now Dale is whining that he wants a sweater to match. Yeah, sure. Not a problem.

In the meantime, I think I will join Mason for a martini. Is there AA for Siamese cats?

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  1. Mason has excellent taste, but I wouldn’t leave the olives. Doesn’t he like the olives? My deaf cat loves them.

    Beautiful job on the socks, m’dear.

  2. I agree with Snow… Mason is certainly a discerning kitty. My Elvis tries to drink my coffee, only then to get even more hyper than he already is. How I wish he’d start to like a martini or two…

    Dale’s socks look great!

  3. Great socks … he wouldn’t have wanted worsted weight socks in the summer anyway … better that you waited to finish them until they’d be put straight to use.

    That kitty photo is making me all thirsty ….

  4. HEY CAROLE! Love your socks! LOVE. The color. The pattern. Love.
    And the martini drinking kitty? Thought I’d spew my morning diet coke at the screen!

  5. Those are great socks. Dale’s a lucky guy, ’cause James has not gotten a knitted garment yet. Something about “not liking wool”. Huh?

  6. Great job on the socks! Where’s the pattern from? I’m having one of those “I’m sure I’ve seen it but damned if I can remember where” moments. Obviously need more coffee. Or some of what the kitty’s drinking. Too funny!

  7. Oh my, does Mason really like martinis? Where did I see goofy photos of “drunk” cats with liquor bottles and cigarette butts… They were stupid, but kind of funny.

  8. Ooooh! I love the socks. They look great! And that martini-drinking cat? Making me wish it wasn’t only 1:30 pm. Is that too early for a drink? 😉

  9. Beautiful socks! It is the nature of WIPs to wait patiently until it is their time. And they know this. It’s okay.

    Quite the cat. When I was a kid, our German Shepard lapped champagne one NY eve. He got rather drunk. Never touched the stuff again (yes, we offered it the next year).

  10. They look gorgeous! Where is the pattern for the cable rib socks? It looks like a great guy pattern and I’ve got some Cascade 220 burning a hole in my stash.

  11. My Siamese girl Inka used to LOVE red wine. Glad to see Mason is keeping up the tradition, though he’s definitely into harder stuff, it looks like!

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