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Walk This Way

Allow me to present, for Cara, finished Jaywalker socks. The yarn is Trekking XXL and they are being modeled by the recipient, my stepdaughter, Jessica.
[You’ll notice the cell phone in the photo. Jessica is never far from the phone. I think she’s had a phone in her hand since she was 2.] IMG_0601copy.jpg

I love knitting socks for Jess. She wears a size 6. Really. Her foot is a whole 1 3/4 inches shorter than Hannah’s and 2 inches shorter than mine. And, Jess paid me the ultimate compliment. She said, about twenty times, how perfectly these socks fit her. Words like that warm this sock knitter’s heart. What she actually said was, “wow, it’s like they were made just for me.” Ummm. Yeah, that was the point, Jess. What can I say? She is a blonde, after all.

In any case, let me be the next to say it: I’m a Jaywalker convert. I love this pattern! It’s easy but looks complicated. It makes self-striping yarn look funky. And, while it doesn’t show up as well with this particular Trekking, look how great it looks done up in Vesper.


Yup, my second pair of Jaywalkers. Cast on about immediately after I finished the first pair. And this pair? They’re for me.

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  1. Loving both of those – I think this pattern works well on virtually any yarn. I’ve yet to see a pair of these that I don’t think is just really cool.

  2. HEY! This blonde named Jess want’s to know just what do you mean by that remark? ;o)

    The socks look great! Must…not…knit…jaywalkers…’til…after…THE DAY…

  3. What a lucky niece! And it is always good to convert the non-knitters to the pleasure of handknit socks…sorta’ a segue into the knitting world. The pair you’ve started for yourself are fantabulous—I LOVE the colors!

  4. Vesper is perfect for Jaywalkers isn’t it. I’m coming up on the second toe today if all goes well and they’ll be off in the mail to my sister in no time. I love your colorway. I wish Kpixie would get some more Vesper in, I know a good home for it!

  5. I’ve finally found my measuring tape, so I can give you my foot measurements. 😉

    My right foot is 9.75 inches and my left is a little bit over 9.5. Weird.

    I’m stuck at the foot flap part in the sock I’m knitting. Uggggh.

  6. They look great, I’m about halfway through my first jaywalker sock…I love the pattern too! ohh that vesper sock yarn is so fun.

  7. Yeah, what Margene said: YOWZER!!! Love them, Carole!! I was >< close to casting on last night, now that the 2nd of the 3 Christmas knits is nearing completion (and I already know that #3 will be given “in progress”). I’m trying real hard to stay the course, but this is NOT helping.
    ; )

  8. Wish I could walk that way. Alas, I am the only sock knitter in my extended family, and I am up to my whatsis in holiday knitting, with kittens-have-lost-all-their-mittens and Dulaan knitting queued up behind.

  9. I started an emergency sock last night in an easily memorized pattern, but now I’m wishing I’d started Jaywalking instead. Next pair. Definitely.

  10. I forgot I hate Jess for her itty bitty feet! It’s not normal! J/K(I’m a 9) The yarn for your socks makes it look like you changed colors ALOT, I love it, you should teach me. Maybe next time I am up we should go out and you can help me get the right needles and yarn to knit that stuff, sound fun? Love You!

  11. Okay, I LOVE the second pair you have started! They are the perfect thing to look at during winter. The first pair is lovely, too! Would you like their picture and a link to your blog to appear in the gallery?

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