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Bring On the Halycon

I didn’t mean to leave you all with a cliffhanger for the weekend. I was going to post my Halycon order stuff on Friday but just never got to it. Don’t you hate when life gets in the way of knitting, spinning and blogging? So, without further ado, may I present the mail order haul from Halycon.

We have Ashford Hand Carders. What’s a spinner without some hand carders? I have those Wasabi dyed mohair locks to play with, don’t forget.

We have a color card from Country Classic Dyes. I know there are Kool Aid dyers out there (Hi! Norma!) who think it’s great and I’m sure it’s wonderful. But I’m really looking forward to dyeing some stuff with these dyes. I just have to decide which colors to get! Any advice from all you dyeing maniacs?

Finally, we have 2, yes, count ’em 2 pounds of white roving. One pound of romney and one pound of coopworth. Ready for dyeing, once I get a handle on that.

For those of you worried that it’s been all spinning, all the time over here, I assure you there has been plenty of knitting. I’m more than half way finished with Branching Out, the Jaywalker socks are moving along, and I’ve started another pair of mittens to go with my paletot that I’ll be wearing this weekend in Gettysburg.

Coming soon . . . handspun yarn pictures!

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  1. Oooooo. More toys. I’m going to have to come over just to see all the new toys.

    So, find any potential roving/yarn containers at Ikea?

  2. Awesome haul you have there!

    As for dye color suggestions, you should either get the colors you love, or, get a set of primary colors, both in warm tones and cool tones, so that you can mix till your little heart’s content.

    Good luck and HAVE FUN!

  3. Nice carders! I just did my first batch of roving dyeing with some Cushings Dye – it went well, but the proof is in the spinning I suppose. I purchased just some basics – blue, yellow, red and a nice seafoam green that I couldn’t resist. I have yet to post about it, but I do plan to. I used the oven method as described over at – very simple.

  4. What Heather said. Get as close to cyan/magenta/yellow as you can (usually turquoise, magenta, and sun yellow), and then if you want add a true-blue color and a scarlet red. Then mix mix mix. It’s no fun dyeing if you’re not going to play mad scientist.

    PS: You are SO close to PRO dye corp, you could just go down there and shop, I’d think. Plus they have workshops.

  5. Ohhh Halcyon – I love that place! Nice hand Carders, I have yet to buy any type of carder, I think I’ll save up for a drum carder so I can process more stuff at once. Can’t wait to see what you dye up – make sure to buy all the primaries!

  6. I can’t wait to see what you do with the cards. I watched Barbara flick a few of my Cormo locks, and produce fluff. Amazing.

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