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For Everything Else, There’s Mastercard

Spinning Wheel: $435
Roving: $12
Spinning lessons: $75
Making fingerless mitts for Dale with my own handspun yarn: priceless

Really, who else would be worthy of receiving my very first project knit with my very own handspun yarn? Only Dale. He has been so supportive of this new part of my life that I knew, as soon as I saw I had yarn I would actually be willing to knit with, that it had to be something for my man. Just so you know, I wasn’t being lazy by knitting him mitts instead of mittens, Sandy. He insisted that he wanted mitts because it’s easier to drive the bus and handle the paperwork with his fingers exposed. When it comes to Dale, I always do what he says. You guys believe that, right?

Knitting with my own handspun yarn was pretty cool, I have to tell you. I kept thinking, I made this. I made this. I made this. I can’t wait to spin more so I can knit more with my own yarn. As Cate would say, Woo and also Hoo.

Finally, because it’s Thursday and it’s my turn, everybody go say hi to Ann, please!

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  1. well done, well done, they are beautiful! From that picture I’d never have known it was handspun yarn… I just thought about if that was a compliment or not – perhaps that’s a blog entry for the future…?

  2. That is just too cool!

    What pattern did you use for the fingerless mitts? I want to make a couple of pairs, and haven’t found a pattern I like yet.

  3. Ah, I was averting my eyes and hoping for a SANDY there, but no. The answer was Dale. Fine then.
    Doesn’t hosting a knitalong mean that all knits become mine? NO?
    Well, then.
    Love the mitts. Love that you spun the yarn. And knitted it.
    Priceless, indeed.

  4. Yes, woo! And, I would hasten to add: hoo! You go girl. Nice makin’–yarn, mitts, all beautiful.

    Isn’t it the best? Doesn’t it make you want to give Debbie Bliss a big bronx cheer? I mean, sure, millspun yarn is great for some things, but now, you have the power, the control, and the yarn you make (while, if it’s anything like mine, sufficiently imperfect) is more beautiful than anything you can buy.


  5. Look at you! Way to go Carole! YAY!!!!

    Oh and thanks for sending everyone over to Ann today. The day she says me and my rock star lover smell. Damn that Ann.

  6. Those mitts look fabulous! Hooray for you! How exciting to have your first project in your very own handspun! And the handspun looks great too. Cheers!

  7. Hey, you gotta give a man what he needs, right? And if his fingers fall off due to frostbite, it’s his own damn fault. 🙂 Love them, they’re so cool.

  8. Love, love, LOVE the wristers. See? He modeled The Emperor’s New Wristers up here, and he wanted some REAL ones!

    Excuse me. I’ve very busy now. I have some madder-dyed coopworth to spin now. Ahem.

  9. Congratulations. They look great. I know that some day I will spin. New craft skill. My poor husband.
    Once again – good job!

  10. That must be so satisfying! They look wonderful, Carole. I’m still fiddlin’ around with the drop spindle and insisting that’s as far as my spinning will go. Hmmm…

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