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The Mannings

As I may have mentioned, our first stop on the way to Gettysburg was The Mannings. We had gone their last year and I was completely overwhelmed at the amount of yarn. The place just seemed to go on and on and on. Books and yarn and notions and needles and more yarn. Needless to say, I was anxious to go back. And, while recalling the place, I was wracking my brain to remember if they had spinning supplies. I remembered that there was a room that I didn’t bother even entering last year, but I couldn’t remember why not. I just recall that I wasn’t interested at all. Things certainly have changed in a year, because, as it turns out, that was The Spinning Room.

The Spinning Room is full of spinning wheels. Full. There are Ashfords and Louets and Schacht and Schacht-Reeves and Kromskis and Lendrums. There are drum carders and hand carders and looms. And next to each wheel is a little basket of roving just waiting to be spun. Of course I just had to try out a couple but I liked this one the best.

That’s the Schacht-Reeves Saxony 24″ in Cherry Finish. It is amazing. Sigh. It is also $1,100.00. Sigh.

So, while I didn’t buy a spinning wheel, I did buy some other stuff. There was roving, naturally.
And, since I’m dyeing to try dyeing, I bought 4 bags of plain white coopworth. I’ll be playing mad scientist with this stuff very soon.

Of course I had to buy something that would have that lovely sheep-y smell. You all know the smell I’m talking about. Here’s a beautiful bag of raw fleece.
I just love it and the color is awesome and the smell makes me swoon. I can say that to you guys because you won’t think I’m crazy. Right? I’m not crazy for loving the smell of a sheep, am I?

They also have loads of sock yarn and I just couldn’t pass up these.
Koigu and Mountain Colors Bearfoot and Opal Handpaint. Good stuff, that. And I needed more sock yarn, I really did.

Here’s the kicker, though. We were in and out of The Mannings in 20 minutes. Yup, twenty minutes. I tried 3 spinning wheels, bought 5 bags of roving and 5 skeins of yarn in twenty minutes. This is what you do when you have a husband chomping at the bit to get to Gettysburg. I figured I was lucky that he agreed to stop there at all and I wasn’t about to push my luck by dawdling. But, really? He could have left me there for the weekend in the room full of wheels and I’d have been a happy girl.

I know you all know what I’m talking about.

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  1. You and me both on the Schacht-Reeves, except that I want the 30-inch double-treadle one, which is $1500, I think. At least I am getting over my obsession with Norm Hall. On second thought, a Hall would be incontrovertibly, definitively, what-are-you-nuts out of my reach. Could I rationalize a Schacht-Reeves? How about a trip to Mannings? Working on it…

  2. Wow. All of it. Dyeing plans…dyeing your own handspun…falling in love with THAT beautiful wheel…the sock yarn in those luscious colors…the fleece…oh golly the fleece…down Laurie…all in TWENTY minutes? Whew.

  3. Oh, good heavens – 20 minutes??? I couldn’t even look through the whole place in just 20 minutes, let alone shop effectively!

  4. There are those of us who are devoted to the smell of raw fleece. I even started a group on Yahoogroups which is ALL ABOUT raw fleece.

    No, not silly at all. YOu’ve been baptized! 😉

  5. Power shopping – it’s a gift!

    You did a great job.

    Is that Mountain Colors “Crazy Lady” or “Ruby River”? Or neither? Loving the red!

  6. In awe here…..yes, do identify the Mountain Colors yarn color…………please? 🙂 Very pretty red.

  7. In awe here…..yes, do identify the color of the Bearfoot……please? 🙂 Is it Flat Head Cherry? Very pretty red.

  8. What goodies! I love the sock yarns… that is my weakness 😉

    I have not been to The Mannings yet, and it is only about an hour away from me. Looks like I need to do a road trip!

  9. You’re so lucky to be relatively close to The Mannings. And the spinning room! It must have been amazing, getting to spin as many wheels as possible. The Schacht-Reeves wheel is so very nice.

  10. My inlaws live not too far from Mannings, but I have yet to get there. One of these days, I will definitely make a trip. Wow……you did great for 20 minutes of shopping!

  11. Um….dearie…I’d suggest you might need an intervention if I thought you’d take me even the slightest bit seriously. Of course, you’d know it was a big, fat lie born of envy. 20 minutes. Impressive.

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