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Fibery Goodness

I have been madly spinning the merino I bought at Dream Acres studio. I’ve got one full bobbin plus this and I still have a bit left to spin. But I’ve made wicked decent progress. See?


Why the haste to finish spinning this stuff? Because! Look what came in the mail on Saturday!



I wish you could feel this fiber! It’s Rainbow Ribbon Fiber Batts from Foxfire Fiber & Designs in Shelburne MA. It’s so incredibly soft and the colors are gorgeous and there’s little bits of glitz running through it. When I pulled them out of the box, Dale said they look like little sleeping bags, and he’s right. And oh my, wouldn’t I love to crawl into a sleeping bag of this!

Can you say sensual? Sure you can.

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  1. Those batts look gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what wickedly decent things you turn them into. Makes me want to learn how to spin. ….maybe after the rush of the holidays is done and things have settled down a bit.

  2. Let me fondle your batts and I’ll follow you anywhere.

    I myself have been knitting with qiviut. Talk about sensual.

  3. Mmm, you’ll love Barb’s fiber. I have the stuff I navajo plied in Ice Pond waiting to be attended to. I might need to pick a different pattern, since I’m procrastinating it, and it’s certainly not the fiber’s fault!

    And wicked decent spinning INDEED.

  4. Oh my. Please, please stop including links like those – I am striving not to purchase any more fiber until I see if I got any gift certs. for xmas (after dropping too many hints and sending links to my hubby) So, JUST. STOP. IT. you’re killing me! 😉

  5. Carole, that Fiber looks wonderful! I’m not a spinner, but I sure can appreciate some beautiful, fluffy, fibery bundles!!

    And um, I WOULD have to catch up on your blog today with that chocolate cake staring at me… when (of course) I decided to start pre-holiday dieting. Sheesh. Now all I want is cake… and mnm’s… and well, ANYTHING chocolate!!

  6. Oh, my. Those batts might just be the death of me, and I’m not even seeing them in person. But I think I KNOW. Wicked. Decent.

  7. Ooh, yummy batts! We dont’ get good stuff like that here – we just get more and more and more blasted merino and merino/silk!
    BTW, I have an address for afghan squares for our favourite Crazy Aunt. Email me for more details 🙂

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