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I’ve Got Nothing To Hide

In the interest of full disclosure, meet Lucy, my new wheel.
I’ve been spinning for, what? 3 months? And, yes, I bought a second wheel. I feel a little guilty about Alice, but she and I had a talk and she agreed that riding in the back of the Jeep just isn’t all that fun for her and she’d just as soon be the wheel that stays at home. And, since I really wanted something portable to take to spinning guilds and parties and such, I just had to buy the Lendrum. Cuz you just never know when a spinning guild or party or such might be on the horizon. I’m just saying.

The Woolery is having a special (buy the wheel, get the carrying bag for free) and Risa (she’s so naughty) hooked me up. I decided to try the double treadle this time, and, while I think I’m still most comfortable with the single treadle, it’s good to learn both. You know me, it’s all about being flexible.

Clearly, I’ve been putting Lucy through her paces. And, she’s doing just fine, as evidenced by this lovely BFL in Mardi Gras from Lisa Souza.
Good stuff, that. I’d recommend you give it a go.

Finally, on a political note, did you hear what Newt Gingrich said about the Abramoff scandal? He said, “You can’t have a corrupt lobbyist without a corrupt member [of congress].” I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Newt, but, ummm. Yeah.

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  1. I just got some Mardi Gras from Lisa Souza in the mail today – how funny is that? Although I think it will be awhile before I’m spinning it up. Have fun with the new wheel!

  2. The new wheel is great! I’m planning to take a spinning class soon. I just hope I don’t get addicted.

  3. Mighty fine wheel you got there. Popular too.

    Yer spinnin’s lookin’ good too.

    (feelin’ like talkin’ like a cowgirl today)

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Caroooooooooollllllllllle! TWO ??? You naughty girl! (I mean lucky girl!) GRIN She’s beautiful.

  5. Wow – what a beautiful wheel! Congrats. 🙂

    I can’t believe that I’d agree with anything Newt had to say, either, but um, I do…wierd…

  6. Newt: the voice of experience.

    Congratulations on the new wheel. That’s the kind of thinking that caused me to end up with five different strollers for two children.

  7. If you’re agreeing with Newt, he must have confused himself in what he was saying. lol
    You’ve been spinning three MONTHS or three YEARS? You are so bad. The new wheel is nice. I got my Mazurka from the Woolery, also. Real nice folks.
    I can’t wait to see how you finish your yarn. It’s similar to what I just finished, but I’d be interested in seeing a “pro” in action!

  8. Yeah that was a werid moment – when I read that, I had to go back twice to see if I’d read it correctly.

    Impressive wheel aquisition.

  9. Lucy! I can’t believe how many people come to mind when I hear that name — and how much fun (even singing)! I hope your Lucy lives up to her name.

  10. Lucy, mmm, pretty.

    I went to college with Newt’s daughter. Interesting guy, Ole Newt.

    I haven’t forgotten you, darling BP. I’ve just been busier than you can imagine. Some of which was about you…

    heh heh heh

  11. Love the jaywalkers and you have a lovely new toy, oops, Lucy!
    Wow – skating outdoors rather than in heavily refrigerated tents and buildings. Odd. 🙂

  12. I Love Lucy….hahaa I love the wheel and I love the show too! (I know I’m a cornball) This is so bad for me to see, I have been eyeing the lendrum it looks so nice.

  13. Welcome Lucy. I hope you enjoy her, she’s a wonderful wheel and naughty me was glad to have helped to hook you up. 5 more wheels and you catch up to me 😉

  14. Oh, I’m envious of Lucy! I keep seeing that wheel and wondering what it would be like to give spinning a try. Alas, it’s hard to justify a wheel when your dishwasher is about to bite the dust!

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