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A Shocking Saturday Night

Are you ready for the big shock? Here are some spinning pictures from my house on Saturday night.

Okay, so that’s just me spinning on the Reeves. No big deal there, right? (Notice how the wheel nicely camouflages my double chin. Thanks, Dale.)

But wait. What’s that in the background? WHO is that spinning on the Lendrum? Let’s get closer and see . . .

Do you recognize her yet?

It’s Hannah! And she’s spinning!

I told you it was a shocker.

Yes, indeedy, Saturday night Hannah asked me to show her how to spin. After I got up off the floor, I gladly obliged. Now, I’m a crappy teacher, just ask Wendy. Nevertheless, I managed to get my kid to make yarn.

This is Hannah’s first handspun yarn. I’m thinking of putting it in her baby book, right next to her ultrasound picture.

I couldn’t be prouder.

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  1. Is that totally cool or what?

    Her first handspun looks just like mine! I was warned that once I got the hang of it I would never be able to make novelty thick-and-thin yarn again, even if I wanted to, an accurate prediction.

  2. Wow, how PROUD you must be. That’s some damned fine spinning for a first try. How many more of those beers did you have to have after that, huh? (Oh, love your Reeves, btw.)

  3. Yay Hannah!!!! I know you were excited about what was in the background, but I couldn’t get past what was in the foreground of pic #2, heh.

  4. Is that a beer on the table next to you!? How cool to have a daughter who wants to share her mothers love of fiber. Spin on, grrls!

  5. OK, the baby book comment is slaying me. Too funny!

    Maybe they make a little ceramic thingy for that? You know the ones for Baby’s First Haircut, Baby’s First Tooth… Baby’s First Handspun?

  6. Aaaawwww, that is so exciting! I wish any of my four children would show an interest in fiber arts. So far, no luck!

  7. WOW!

    Go Hannah! Talk about cool kids, eh?

    So awesome. I’m just waiting for the day all our kids come to fiber festivals with us. And make us look old. And get embarassed by us. Love it.

  8. That’s so awesome. I can’t wait for the day my little girl asks me to teach her to spin and knit. Okay, so she’s only 22 months old but I know that day will come!

  9. Oh, that’s so funny! Yes, definitely unearth the baby book and stick that yarn right in there. or at least a photo of same. 😉

    Congrats–you made a spinner!

  10. Oooh, now there’s an idea. Teach the offspring how to spin so they can supply you with yarn. Unfortunately, it works the other way at my house. My Hannah will only knit with my handspun and she refuses to learn to spin herself. *sigh*

  11. Oh!!! That is so wonderful, on so many levels. Think of all the great stashing you’ll *have* to do with 2 spinners in the house. I have a little fantasy that my son will ask to learn when he’s older.

  12. Yay for both of you!! That’s a great first try – maybe you’re a better teacher than you think? (Or maybe it’s in her blood… 😉

  13. That rocks!! This begs the question though… did you give Hannah the same analogy for spinning that you gave Wendy?? *wink* *wink*

  14. I was so excited(even tho I stink)! Although, it was slightly stressful…but it was still pretty fun…and I actually get wat all you spinners are talking about now.

  15. Isn’t it funny how an offspring’s interest in something we treasure is such a thrill? But I do know how exciting that must feel to you. And yay!! Hannah! You rock on the wheel!

  16. Woooooohoooooo! Will she eventually know the pride of knitting this into a hat for herself, or has knitting not yet struck her fancy?

  17. Definetly a baby book moment! Doesn’t it just melt your heart when your child wants to do something you love so much?!?

  18. Not only does your child express interest in something near and dear to you, but sheesh, that’s not bad looking yarn for a first try. Either you ARE a good teacher, or she is a natural.

  19. It’s enough to warm a knitting mama’s heart, is it not? It warms mine from afar! What a girl you have there! And if she did not run crying to her room, slamming her door dramatically for the neighborhood to hear, then you did a great job teaching!

  20. Aaaah Carole…that rocks! My 4yo can’t wait to start spinning and has already claimed my Lendrum as hers (though she is quick to add she will be painting it purple!). I’m sure you are doing a great job teaching her. Go Hannah!

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