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Two Hats Are Better Than One

Aren’t they cute? The hats, not the family, I mean!

This weekend it was all hats, all the time. I was totally enthralled when I saw first this one and then this one. I had to make this hat, too.

The pattern was designed by Amy Boogie and it’s free and available here and what you see is Dale modeling the Man Hat and Hannah modeling the Teen Hat. They knit up so fast and easy! I used one skein of Karaoke for Hannah’s and about 1/2 skein of Lamb’s Pride Worsted for Dale’s. I learned to cable without a cable needle from Grumperina’s instructions and each hat probably took less than 4 hours to finish. You gotta love the fast knits!

And, just because you can never knit too many hats, I finished 2 more rolled brim hats for Knit Unto Others. I have to tell you, it’s done my heart good to knit these items. I find myself thinking about who might wear them and why they might need them and then I count my blessings that I am warm and fed and safe and lucky enough to be able to help someone else. You have until November 30th to knit for charity with this knit along and then we’ll put it away until next November. Please join us if you’re able.

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  1. Cute hats and cute family! I dropped off some things at Kaleidoscope today, and a few people had brought in quite a few items — it was good to see.

  2. Hats are a bit addicting! Smith loved all the hats I did and I even let him design the last one. It was good knitting all weekend. Thanks Carole!
    Great lookin’ family;-)

  3. PHEW! Hats off to you, missy! You done good! I wonder if someone in my family would like one of those great hats……
    See? What you’ve done?

  4. I’ve seen Karaoke yarn before but haven’t bought it because I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for. Now I know – those hats are wonderful in those yarns!

  5. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.. I need it! All the hats I have been making are cabled too, and now I will have to throw in the eyelets for variety and feminity. The family’s cute too! I am going to keep making hats for the Rad Bad Beanie project (button on my blog), which gives them to urban youth as they participate in an outdoor wilderness training program.

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