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You Want Knitting? I’ll Give Ya Knitting!

I had someone tell me recently that I didn’t include enough knitting content in my knitting blog. Hunh. You guys know I knit every day, right? It would be news if I didn’t knit, so please go ahead and assume that I’m knitting, even if I’m not saying.

What? You want proof? Alright, then.
Here we have a finished red scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I used the pattern from Odd Ball Knitting and all my red leftovers. Red’s my favorite color, so just happened to have some red yarn lying around.

You want more? Alright, then.
DFS_progress.JPG DFS_Progress_Close.JPG

Here we have two progress shots on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. Looking good, no?

There will be more knitting shots tomorrow. Sheesh.

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  1. Gorgeous shawl!! Mine had to be frogged. I wasn’t paying enough attention and some of the stitched slipped of the needles and then were gone. Luckily I wasn’t that far along yet.

  2. You know…’d show more knitting if you were not so…well, you know, empty in your life!
    ONLY KIDDING PEOPLE! It’s a joke!
    ~Don’t want to tick off the Carole fans! Of which I am the biggest one!
    LOVE The red scarf! Someone will be lucky to have that!
    And the shawl? GIRL?! You are impressive!

  3. Hey, I have a link on my blog to some unique yarns spun by a local person here in SLC if any of your knitalongers are looking to accumulate more stash.

    And I adore that red scarf. Yum!

  4. Why am I always the last to know you’ve posted? Must not spend as much time on Bloglines as I should.
    DFS is GORGEOUS….do you hear me? GORGEOUS! Oh and I can vouch for the stuff Susan is pushing. It’s addicting!

  5. Not enough knitting? Hmm, I never noticed – guess I was just having too much fun! Now I’ll have to keep on you about that… but then, you might notice all the distractors I include on my blog to hide the fact that I’m not knitting and get on me about that… hmm. Never mind! The scarf is ultra cool!

  6. Love the scarf! I’m going to do an end to end something or other from some stash yarn soon. I really like that look.

    DFS is quite striking. Lovely.

  7. You know, it’s those kind of comments that really hit hard. Don’t let ’em get you down, Carole. And don’t knit for anyone but yourself. The people who complain won’t stick around anyway … and why would you want them to?

    You know, I’m a big fan of the garter scarfs and the shawl is beautiful. Now go do whatever the heck you want. 🙂

  8. Not enough knitting content? What’s up with that?!?!?!? You got plenty of knitting content.

    Me… not so much. Maybe in a day or to…

  9. Gorg. Do tell about the shawl yarn — love it! And I can’t ever believe that you thought the scarf was not great — it’s fantastic!

  10. LOL at Dave’s comment. What a pri….prince. That’s not what I was originally going to write, but this is a family blog, I spoze.

    May I just shout to you: I LOVE THAT RED SCARF. In fact, I kind of want you to send it to me instead of the foster kids, but that just wouldn’t be right.

    Meh, the shawl? I can take it or leave it. (heeeeee, kidding!!!)

  11. What a great scarf! I’m loving it!

    Your shawl is looking SUPER too, and ya know, I didn’t even notice you haven’t been talking about knitting. I always leave here totally high on some sort of fiberish topic, completely satisfied. 😉

    Inhaling once more before I move on…..

  12. I’m loving the red too…just traded some navy blue roving for some RED roving from Martha on Sunday. The shaw is beautiful…wish I had the courage to try one.

  13. Whoah, too much knitting content! Let’s have some spinning!

    Kidding of course. That Diamond fantasy shawl looks great. It wasn’t my choice back when you had the voting, but I’m on board now that I see it. Good choice!

  14. What? You’re supposed to write about knitting on knitting blogs? Hunh. Well, okay….. *makes note to self*

    Personally, my favorite blogs focus on life with knitting, not knitting life. But I’m a science geek who has to live vicariously through other people because I’m stuck in lab all the time. 🙂

  15. That’s one lucky kid who gets that scarf!

    Nice DFS…can’t wait to see you wearing it.

    Cruise director, huh? Maybe on a yarn-shaped…boat? You talk about whatever you damn well please.

  16. I love your scarf and your DFS in progress!

    I get emails all the time, complaining that I’m not a “proper” knitting blog because I go on about so many other things, but I blogged for nearly two solid years before I posted a word about my knitting, so I figure: who care? My blog. I’ll post what I wanna.

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