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More Knitting? No Way!

I promised more knitting, didn’t I? I always keep my promises!

First, allow me to show you some finished Feather & Fan Socks. These socks are for Cecily, my spoiler from Secret Pal 6. She was so good to me and her favorite color is purple and I promised her some socks. Like I said, I always keep my promises.

Here we have the full frontal pose:

And here we have the “dressed” pose:

My thanks to Grumperina for teaching me how to make a sock label. I just love the way it looks!

Of course, you know as soon as I finish a pair of socks I’m ready to start my next pair. See these?

Yup – my third pair of Jaywalkers! However, they are my first pair knit with Socks That Rock. They are for my Bloomin’ Feet pal. Now, there are lots of fancy sock patterns out there but I think my pal deserves the latest fad sweeping blog land, don’t you? Sure hope she likes ‘em.

Here’s some exciting news, even if it’s not about knitting. My friends Betty and Jim got engaged! Go tell Betty “best wishes,” would ya? Thanks!

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  1. Beautiful socks – I already visited Betty ;o) She’s a tricky one, isn’t she? I don’t think I’d be able to keep a secret like that…for a whole month!

  2. Lovely socks!

    You’ll have to share the sock label secret with me.

    Once you know who I am, that is…

    MWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Can you tell I just love saying MWAHAHAHAHA! ?)

  3. The socks that you’re mailing out are great! Do you have more details on that sock label? I think it’s a very clever idea!

    Oh, that STR color is divine – which is it? Not that I can add to my stash… but I can make a list. 🙂

  4. Hey, you DO still knit! *ducks and runs giggling madly*

    (sorry, couldn’t resist. I tried and tried and tried, but the whole resisting thing just wasn’t to be)

  5. What a cute little package with the label and all. Those are guaranteed to put a smile on her face and warm her toes! 😉

  6. ohhhhhhhhh Carole! Great looking socks! Are you lovin’ the STR? I can’t wait to get my hands on a skein or two or 10 of that stuff!

  7. What a nice shout out, even if Jim did spoil my chance to surprise you because he told Matt and Sarah, who then told you before I had a chance to.

    By the way, there is knitting involved–just look at the pictures. There will always be knitting involved.

    People–I saw the STR sock in person. I love it! I think I need some. And there is that anti-stash-along going on…

  8. How do you like working with the STR? I just got my very first skein (Cobalt Bloom, sigh!) and I’m actually a little afraid to knit with it. How can I possibly do it justice? And what if I go blind from gazing upon its unbelievable beauty? etc.

    Love the F&F socks. I’ve been meaning to try that pattern for, what, a year now?…

  9. You are a knitting machine 🙂 Socks are lovely — I’m interested in hear your assessment of STR. And I LOVE the label– great!

  10. I think your Jaywalkers are the ones that are going to push me over the edge. Must have a pair NOW. And this solves the problem of “what to knit next.”

  11. Beautiful socks! I love the sock label, too…that Grumperina! She’s a knitting Goddess.

    Ahhh, the Jaywalkers and the Socks That Rock…some day, soon, I will be (attempting to knit) knitting a pair of them.

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