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Buy More Yarn Update

Have you all been following the hoarders shoppers over at the Buy More Yarn Along? These people are mad. Or maybe just independently wealthy.

Whatever the case, the program has been a huge success so far! I thought there would be a handful of people to sign up. Maybe 7 or even 10 at the most. There are actually 38 participants! And they are mostly all out there buying yarn.

As of today, Risa is in the lead with 73 points, but Dave is looming behind her with 72 points! Dee has 63 points and Elspeth has 52. The rest of you aren’t even close to these overachievers! They’re leaving you in the dust, people!

Want to sign up for the program? It’s not too late and all purchases made after January 19, 2006 count. Send me an email at cjulius AT carverpl DOT org and put Buy More Yarn in the subject line.

Have purchases to tell me about? Just send an email to cjulius AT carverpl DOT org and, again, put Buy More Yarn in the subject line. Tell me how many skeins of yarn or ounces of fiber you bought and I’ll add your points for you.

Now, get on out there and SHOP!

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  1. It’s called “Dave Loves Wholesale” and he is so going to win at this rate…Risa keep both eyes on that guy 😉 He’s right over your shoulder!

  2. Oh MY!! I signed up but I am just not in the same league. Maybe I will win the “booby” prize for the smallest stash enhancement. Although I do have a small update to add. Mine just pales in comparision……

  3. LOL. Put me down for 4 more today. I went to Purl at lunch with a coworker. Shame the two skeins I bought for my better pal don’t count.

  4. I’m buying, I’m buying as best as I can. I bought at least 20 skeins these last two days. Yarn for tubey and a fair isle sweater. Two lys are having major winter sales through this week-end – so I keep going, and going, and going. My fleece I dropped of on Saturday is ready – so that’s 5 lbs of roving once I pick that up. Shoot that’s 20 skeins right there.

    I’m not out of the race yet 🙂

  5. ionolsen33 I just don not have anything to say right now. www_4_1

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