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Buy More Yarn Update: The Second

The Buy More Yarn Program continues to astound me. Can I be frank? Some of you people are nuts! I’m happy to keep track of this stuff (must be the librarian in me, right Kat?) but I’m completely out of my league when it comes to keeping up with your yarn purchases. Maybe we need to have a Buy More Spinning Wheels Program. Then I could actually be a contender.

Anyway, enough about me, here’s this month’s scores.

In the lead we have Elspeth with 126. Renata is catching up with 115 and, sadly, Risa has fallen way behind with only 93. Other contenders are Michelle with 90, Dee with 78 and Christine with 77.

So, while Risa and Dave were early leaders, they just haven’t kept up. And some of you are just not taking this seriously at all. Esther? Emmy You guys been shopping or what?

Anyone else have purchases to tell me about? Send an email to cjuliusATcarverplDOTorg and I’ll update your points.

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  1. Wow…126 skeins for the leader??? That is a lot since you didn’t start this that long ago.

    I am purposefully avoiding your contest since I already have quite an embarrassing stast!

  2. LOL. Man I’m getting whupped and you know what, I really don’t mind it. I am going yarn shopping with Deb two weeks from Saturday though 😉 But really, isn’t my stash obscene enough?

  3. I almost signed up for this, then decided not to…but I have bought yarn…but I’m no way close to the leader, who now makes me feel quite virtuous. 🙂

  4. i would like to see all that yarn in one room, i might just want to dive in and roll around ooh la la.

  5. Y’know, the people who call me a “fiber junkie” most likely don’t know about your contest’s leaders.

    Alas, keeping up with Elspeth and Renata would probably mean not paying the rent this month. Not an option, as I truly prefer sleeping indoors in Upstate NY winters…

  6. Oops, I forgot report to you:
    4 balls KSH (terrible addiction)
    18 Elann Peruvian Highland wool (for Crossed in Translation sweater)
    8 Blackwater Abbey wool (butter) for sweater

    I’m catching up……..

  7. The leader is falling behind!? You grrls are amazing! I can’t even imagine buying that much yarn even if I wasn’t forced to NOT buy yarn…as I now am. Only one more month and I can get what I like…within reason;-)

  8. I know I’m impressed! That’s a ginormous amount of yarn. I’ve never been in the running at all . . . but, did I get credit for my 6 skeins of Black Water Abbey yarn yesterday? (Hey, it’s just 6 skeins, but it’s mine, and it’s beautiful.)

  9. Oh jeez! I totally forgot about updating you on my purchases! Three yarn stores on Valentine’s weekend, followed by SPA – and there might have been a yarn store trip tacked on to that trip as well. *cough*Portsmouth*cough*

    I’m not certain I can take the cold light of truth that is about to decend upon me….update coming soon.

  10. Hey. Wait. 126?? I don’t think I have that in my ENTIRE stash.

    Let’s just not open the roving cabinet, shall we?

  11. Scarily enough I’ve felt too guilty to bother Carole every day, but I’m up to 158 now, see for more info … Basically, I’ve been trading my CD collection (selling on for yarn (buying on Ebay). There is some gorgeous yarn out there, no thanks to Little Knits, that supplied me most recently.

  12. Oh crap! I’ve bought so much stuff and keep forgetting to tell you! Ummmmmmm lesseeeeee.

    I bought 6 skeins of Lambs Pride today and dang do I get 6 for Socks that Rock Club?

  13. That is alot of yarn. At one point, I thought that maybe, just maybe I’d be close to the top. But really, my child needs to eat (me, I can do without food, but 6 year olds need food!). 🙂

  14. Hey Carole! “slacker” here. Yep I am outta my league too. I did send you an update though. Too bad the Virginia Spring Fiber comes after the April deadline. But even so there is NO way I would win. I have 3 boys and they insist on eating and eating ALOT!!
    Happy Knitting ALL!

  15. Although I haven’t been buying too much yarn lately, a lot of my friends that I taught to knit are. Can I get credit for their purchases, since it’s because of me they have the yarn hording disease now too?

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