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An Olympic Update


This Olympic knitting is a whole new experience, isn’t it?

First, there’s the pressure to finish on time. The deadline looms before me. I hate deadlines. I guess this type of pressure isn’t all that new of an experience, now that I think of it.

But even worse than the pressure is the boredom of working on a single project. Monogamy. I’m all for it in a marriage, but in knitting? Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong – I love this sock and the pattern is just enough of a challenge to force me to pay attention – but I want to knit something else. The Cable Moss Vest or the Everyday Cardi or the Seraphim Shawl. But my inner voice, my type A personality, keeps saying:

Must finish Olympic Socks first.

Meanwhile, the other voices in my head (shut up! you know you have voices in your head, too) are cursing my parents and genetics and DNA for giving me such big honking feet.


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  1. Ha! This feels like the first place all morning where I haven’t been commenting right after you. 🙂

    The sock looks lovely – does that help? And how big are those big honkin’ feet anyway? Mine are womens 11…..

  2. Your sock looks great! When I was in junior high school and everyone *else* was wearing platform shoes I cursed my parents for the tiny feet I ended up with. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.
    Knitting monogomy is overrated.

  3. Carole – the sock looks wonderful! I think we’re all having committment issues – I, too, would like to put my Olympic sweater aside and knit some crack, (pardon me, KSH), but we must press on…..It is a once in a lifetime experience, after all. Back to the Olympic village and that sock, now……

  4. I have to say, I’m incapable of knitting only one thing at once. I may not be knitting *much* on the 2nd one but it’s there, nevertheless, and I visit it briefly now and then. The socks look fantastic! I’m wondering if I’ll make the deadline myself- it seems possible but then I’ve never done a thumb and I’m still a bit nervous about having enough yarn. Just visualize yourself finishing by closing ceremonies, we know you can do it! Feel the needle, be the needle, the gold is yours to take! 😉

  5. Yes, the siren song of the other projects is a strongly appealing one here too. I’ve had to remove all of the non-Olympic ones from the vicinity of the knitting chair just to get a few moments’ peace.

    The socks look great! You can finish them on time, really you can.

  6. Seriously! I hate knitting on a deadline, and everytime I do it, I end up saying never again… and then, a month or two later I get sucked into something. And the vicious cycle repeats 😉

    11 days and counting!

  7. LOL. The sock looks wonderful. I love the colors! What size feet? I wear size 10 shoe (so imagine the big sock I’ll have to knit!).

    The voices! lol! Except my voices tell me to “Go ahead, start ANOTHER project! You can knit it all!”

  8. The sock looks lovely! While I too curse genetics for feet size as I try to find decent grown up shoes, I do thank my folks when it comes to knitting socks.

    Seriously though, take these games as if you are participating in more than one event. The socks are your Downhill entries and you can slalom with another project. There was no requirement to be monogamous, only to challenge onself and hopefully finish the item before the flames extinguish. Remember most olympic athletes don’t medal. not saying you can’t, but it isn’t about the medal, it is about challenging yourself. Go work on some lace and come back to the socks fresh.

  9. Stick with just the one project??? Gee, I guess I’m cheating – I’ve snuck in a few rows here and there of feather and fan scarf while I sort out my Olympic knitting issues. Keeps me moving forward on the Olympic knitting when I’d rather rip it out. LOL

  10. Who said you can’t knit anything else during the Olympics? I didn’t see anything that said that. I’ve been doing two rows on my green sweater before I go to bed. And last night–after I had to un-knit two needles worth of stitches, I switched off to the mindless watch cap for a little while. (I was obsessing about my lingering jury duty, so my concentration wasn’t there.)

    I say knit what you want, just as long as you’re aware of the deadlines!

    By the way, very nice sock!

  11. Breath, knit, breath, knit…it IS the process and as long as you’re knitting does it really matter if it’s one item or two? ENJOY the process, grrlfriend.

  12. I haven’t been faithful to my Torino, but I could certainly use the Blankie as a good excuse, since it was intended to be the Olympic project anyhow. I could totally knit it in the next 11 days we have left, if I abandon everything else.

    Carole Knits! Carole Knits! (hands waving in air)You can do it sock girl! Stay on task! (back flip) Go! Go Carole! (big triple cartwheel thing)
    [Sorry, I didn’t say that I was a good cheerleader. :(]

  14. At first I was going to be monogamous during the KO, but then I changed my mind and instead I chose to knit 16 items for the Dulaan project 😀

  15. Just think of how much your feet will thank you when they’re swaddled in those loverly comfy socks.

  16. You have big feet? I hadn’t even noticed. I can’t get past your sparkling smile.
    Now, Carole, I know that I use the sarcasm bit a lot. But this was true. And heartfelt. Your smile sparkles.
    Just doing my bit to spread some sunshine. AND. It’s not Tuesday anymore. I can come out from under my rock!

  17. Oy! My knees are cracking. But I’m crouching down…..

    GOOOOOOOOOO Carole! Rah! Rah! Finish those SOCKS!

    Cheerleading duties done. Now I need a hot bath.

  18. Hi Carole — I’m new to your blog and wanted to say hello (got here from Heather’s blog… your comment about her husband made me chuckle). You do beautiful work and I’m glad I found you!

  19. Oh yes – I am cursed with the big feet, too. Or as my dad (who is 5’6″ (on a good day) and wears Mens size 11s) likes to say “We’re just turned under”.


    Your socks will beautiful, though!

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