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Olympic Training Results

When athletes train, they have to clear their minds. When knitters train, they have to clear their needles. It’s time for me to show you the things I finished before I started on my Olympic challenge.

Finished Jaywalkers (my third pair!) for my Bloomin’ Feet pal. Please note: these are not due to be shipped out until the end of March. I don’t like deadlines so I finished them early.
Yarn: Socks That Rock, Fire on the Mountain colorway

Yes, I finished the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I’ve actually already worn it. Twice. I loved this pattern and would knit another in a heartbeat.
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, 1.5 skeins

This is my second oddball scarf and this one is for a dear friend from college. It’s several different yarns but the dark blue is my own handspun. Yippee!

Last week the only thing I had on the needles was a Red Hot Sizzling Sock. It was really strange to have just one project to work on.

Most of you, I imagine, have never had this feeling.

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  1. Fabulous. All of it. LOVE the shawl, it’s stunning. I just bought her new pattern from Knit Picks. The socks are so pretty — lucky pal. You are cranking out the knits these days! And you’re right — I would have NO IDEA what it feels like to only have one thing on my list — I aspire to such a day.

  2. I love posts that are loaded with FO’s!! Makes you feel like you’ve accomplished so much. Everything looks fabulous Carole. See you shortly at Spa!

  3. How lovely! The socks, the shawl, the scarf, all of them are gorgeous. I love that colorway for the socks, and how cool is it that you’ve spun some of the yarn in the scarf. I’d have to invent excuses if necessary, to wear the Diamond shawl 24/7.

    You’re right, though. I wouldn’t know what to do with only one project on the needles. I’m down to two right now and wanting to cast on for another like it’s a drug or something. 😉

  4. I forgot to say that I really like the idea of making a shawl out of variegated sock yarn. Easier and faster to knit and the colors are magnificent!

  5. Wow, look at all that gorgeous stuff! Your shawl is stunning. And I can hardly wait to cast on Fire on the Mountain Jaywalkers… after I finish the Olympic knitting and some baby knitting and some gift knitting and…

  6. OMG, everything is awesome, Carole! I OTOH will have to go back to frenzied finishing-up-what-I’m-way-behind-on knitting as soon as I finish my Olympic sweater, on which my gauge is way off. Sigh.

    (Wasn’t the world gorgeous this morning? Why does the sun always shine its a** off, as my dad would say, right after we get walloped, as if to say “See, I can be nice when I want to be!”? Coeli et terra pleni sunt gloria Dea. I took pictures.)

  7. Yeah, I get that feeling when I have less than a half-dozen projects going.

    Beautiful. All of it. I’m sorry about the olympic defeat, but you sure have a nice round of FOs to show for it.

  8. Hehe! I NEVER manage to have just one project going at one time! I just can’t do it! This would be why I don’t have as many finished objects as you.

    Your finished objects look great. I want to make an oddball scarf. The shawl is awesome.

    I’m glad you’re pacing yourself with the Olympic knitting (you know, by continuing to blog!). 🙂

  9. Ooo, ooo! I’ve eyed that Diamond Fantasy Shawl, and yours is absolutely beautiful! I wonder how many skeins of sock yarn it took…. The Jaywalkers are so happy and bright – would you like them to appear in the gallery?

  10. What a beautiful shawl! I am envious of your accomplishments and hoping to have some lace to show off later this spring. Sounds like you took your training seriously 🙂

  11. Wow! Gorgeous FOs, Carole. You’re so right about how strange it feels to have only one project on the needles. Even the first weekend of the Olympics it was hard for me to stick to just one project!

  12. Wow… so much wonderfulness all in one post! And aren’t you the smart one to clear your needles for the Olympics! Way cool.

    The Diamond Fantasy shawl is absolutely amazing. Really, Carole – it’s so beautiful! Great job!! And I love the colors in those Jaywalkers – so vivid. Your pal is really going to love those.

  13. I need to go back to having the feeling of only one project at a time. I will finish my Torino sweater. I will finish my Torino sweater. (Sigh. Wait ’til you see the Forbidden Baby Blankie! So cute! So soft!)

  14. Everything looks great! Diggin’ that shawl.

    I’m feeling that weirdness right now without a major project going. Just little stuff right now.

  15. Lots of finishing going on. Everything looks great! I need to get going again on my BF socks before the deadline is close and I am all stressed out. The shawl is really beautiful!

  16. I love my new scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that I’m going to have to start putting in orders whenever I see something that I like. 😉

    Thank you, thank you!


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