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The Agony of Defeat!


So. Things didn’t go as well as they could have yesterday. I had swatched and thought I was all set. I was worried about following the pattern but not about my yarn choice. Turns out, the pattern is okay, the yarn choice, though? Not so okay. The stuff makes my hands hurt. Really hurt. I guess a swatch of 40 stitches per row doesn’t prepare you for 110 stitches per row in the real world.

I’m still knitting this vest (with different yarn) but not as my Olympic challenge. Challenges are good, injuries, not so good, so I’ll be working on this vest a little at a time.

I’m down, but I’m not out, though. I have a new plan. I’m knitting socks. Now before you jump all over me for selecting something too easy for me, let me tell you which socks I’m knitting. I’ve selected the Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern from the Nancy Bush book Knitting Vintage Socks. I collect Nancy Bush books but I’ve never actually knit a pattern from one. See, socks are my mindless knitting. That’s why I gravitate to simple patterns – stockinette, feather & fan, Jaywalker – easily memorized and I don’t have to pay attention. This pattern, though, is going to require concentration. It’s also going to require some resizing as it’s too small for me the way it’s written.

So, that’s my new Olympic Knitting project. If this one bites me in the ass, too, then I’m done. For now, though, Team Martini carries on.

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  1. Oh I love love love that sock, it’s SO on my todo list. I’m jealous! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your sock progress, I think it’s a fantastic backup plan. I’m all for no injuries.

  2. I have some Lornas Laces sockweight set aside for those same socks! Nancy Bush is coming to my LYS the end of March, I so hope I can get into one of her classes!

    Oh…I’ve bought some more yarn. Can you put 16 marks next to my name? 10 Noro Kureyon, 5 Patons Merino, and 1 Cascade 220. I realize I’ll probably never catch up with some but *ahem* I can still play along 🙂

  3. Only a temporary setback – you are a trooper! I’ve seen that sock – it will be a challenge, but oh so lovely when you triumph.

  4. Like Michelle Kwan, only you can judge what your body can take. Good decision to avoid the pain. Socks are a great project. You’ll do fine!

  5. The Child’s First sock is challenging and I’m doing it for my pal…this will be the third time I’ve knit it. You’ll get the hang of the lace pattern after about two repeats. The lace pattern isn’t as stretchy as you think so adding stitches isn’t a bad idea. Hopefully the pattern tells you how many stitches are in a repeat. It’s ok to change sports in middle as you are multi-talented.

  6. You don’t have to justify your new choice – you have already proven the Olympic Spirit; rather than just giving up you are going to do something else – good for you! Sorry that the other yarn did not work out – it is more important that you end up with something you enjoy knitting and feel excellent about finishing rather than torturing yourself with the wool. I think your new choice is excellent! Can’t wait to see the socks!

  7. I’ve got that sock on needles right now, too. I’m using 72 stitches with a Opal solid, and things are working fine. You have to modify the heel instructions, but the pattern works!
    It’s not that difficult – enjoy!

  8. Hey, you’re still in. That’s what counts. You’re wise to realize it wasn’t going to work and make the change. Torturing yourself was not part of these Olympic Games! Go Carole!! Can’t wait to see how the socks turn out. Smile and have some fun! 🙂

  9. Quick recovery! That’s what we cheerleaders like to see! Gives us something to cheer about. I like this sock pattern, good choice!

  10. Sorry about the 1st project. I’m sure you’ll do well with the socks! It’s wonderful that you didn’t quit. That’s the Olympic spirit!! 🙂

  11. Just perusing that sock book today! Knit On! BTW, what was the yarn you decided not to use? Looks like something I had in mind but I felt it was a bit rough.

  12. Oh, too bad about that yarn. Great news you are picking yourself up, brushing off, and heading back in. You’re so funny, socks are your mindless project. (I’d use some swear words, but you’re too much of lady for that!) So, what is that bad yarn? It looks a little familiar.

  13. I love that sock pattern. It’s on my list, probably for my next sock project. Have fun with it! Sorry about the Olympic yarn, though…

  14. You’ve made a very smart choice to make socks your Olympic challenge rather than the vest. No sense at all in injuring yourself in the pursuit of something which should be Fun!

    I’m knitting man size socks for my Olympic challenge, so I understand exactly how sock knitting can qualify for the knitting olympics. I love the pattern you’ve chosen! 🙂 Good luck!

  15. What kind of yarn were you going to do the vest it? If it is BWA, I would have to say that it hurt my hands too.

    Good for you for picking yourself back up and putting those ski’s back on! ;-))

  16. I had the same problem — when it came down to it I just wasn’t interested in my designated KO project. I’m doing socks too, just 2 circs ones since I haven’t tried those before.

  17. I’m having doubts about the yarn I picked for my vest too. I choose silky wool and with having some tendon issues this is not going well! Add to that I’m not sure I am liking the look but think I will hang in there a bit longer. Can’t wait to see your sock progress!

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