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Olympic Knitting

I opted out of participating in any sort of Olympic knitting this year. I wasn’t really inspired by anything and didn’t feel like pushing myself into a crazy knitting competition during the lazy and laid-back days of summer. I do, however, have an Olympic knitting plan, of sorts. Actually, plan isn’t really the correct word, I think the correct word is rule. Yes, rule.

My Olympic knitting rule is that whenever I’m watching the Olympics I will work on the Epic Sock Blanket.

I think this is going to work out quite well.

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  1. Good idea! I love the Epic Sock Blanket! I opted out of official Olympic knitting this time, too. I barely have the time to sit and watch the Olympics as it is . . . without feeling the pressure of getting a project finished as well.

  2. That’s an excellent plan/rule. I am all over the place with knitting during the Olympics! I have been using my new JessaLu London-themed project bag, and that certainly counts on some level. πŸ˜‰

    The blanket is looking terrific! If you designated it as “sports” knitting, you could really make some progress — football season is fast approaching! Just a thought… wheeeee!

  3. Sounds like an Olympian sized effort to me. Go, Carole! (and I think Vicki’s ‘sports’ idea might be a winner)

  4. Yes, tv of any sort always goes with knitting! Again, you are an inspiration. Using up odds and ends of the same guage in a mitered square blanket is a great idea. I love knitting mitered squares but have never done one with just random yarns, usually a planned pink, blue and white baby size.
    Thanks again.

  5. Good for you! I can’t watch Olympics and simultaneously knit anything that requires visual attention – which gymnastics definitely does. I watch live online in the morning, then I can watch in the evening without half-dying of anxiety. But my kids don’t want to know ANYTHING beforehand. As they point out, not everyone reads the end of the book first, like I do. GO ALY!

  6. I think that’s an excellent “rule”. Any progress will be good with no big finish to shoot for.

    I’m knitting bits and bobs for 8 inch squares for KAScare. I’ll get rid of annoying bits and they can warm little ones.

  7. Love the blanket! Really love! I’m hoping there is a Caroleknits pattern in the near future – at least to get those of us squirreling away sock yarn started. πŸ™‚

  8. You’re a lot smarter than I am. I chose a lovely project, but it requires way too much focus. maybe I’ll just return to wingspan!

  9. I love your idea. And I think Vickie has a good thought with the sports knitting for the blanket. I opted out of any Olympic knitting this year too. I am knitting that lace shrug for my son’s fiance and there is a definite deadline to that so I was not going to obligate myself to another project of any kind. There is still other knitting going on because I have to pay close attention when I work on the shrug, but I wanted it to be relaxing, not a race to the finish.

  10. I think that is perfectly reasonable. Even if you only knit on the blanket for 2 weeks this year and 2 weeks every 2 years after that, the blanket will get done. And it will be gorgeous.

    I’m doing the Olympic knitting thing, but I used it to finish a pair of socks and hopefully in week 2 I will use it to finish a blanket and a shawl. It’s hard to judge, because the knitting time is limited and I refuse to not read a book if I want to just because I have this artificial deadline.

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