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Flower Basket Shawl

I haven’t posted about knitting for weeks and now I’m posting about it 2 days in a row. That’s just how we roll over here at Carole Knits. It’s also what happens when I keep forgetting to take and process photos of a finished shawl. A shawl that’s been finished since the end of May, I should point out. Remember this post?

And here it is, a Flower Basket Shawl knit in less than a week from Douceur et Soie. It was indeed finished in time for the wedding but that day was so hot I didn’t even need it. The irony, it burns.

Also ironic is the fact that I knit this to wear with a dress that was slightly too big at the time and is now completely and utterly too big for me. This is not a bad thing since it was a $30 dress to begin with and I’m sure I have other things I can wear this shawl with and – hello! weight loss! yay! – but the irony of  the situation is not lost on me.

It’s definitely not the season for mohair, though, so this little gem has been tucked away until fall temperatures are here.

And I’m certainly in no hurry for that to happen.

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  1. It’s lovely Carole! I made one for my mom a while back and remember it being a quick and fun knit. And congrats on the weight loss!

  2. Pretty! You’ll have to go out and find a smaller dress to wear it with. All good! And yes, summer needs to stick around for a good long while.

  3. I think that was the first lace pattern I ever knit. At the time it was a challenge. Yours is particularly beautiful. Congrats on the weight loss. I’d love to hear more about it.

  4. Love the irony! Had the same thing happen with a lovely shawl I knit for a Nov. wedding in Cincy. Was in the 80’s that weekend go figure! More importantly congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work!!

  5. It is lovely, Carol and congratulations on your weight loss. You should be so proud of yourself because it’s a difficult road!

  6. The shawl will be happy to wait for it’s day of fun. It no more wants to be out in the heat than you want to be wrapped up in its warmth. It’s beautiful nonetheless.

  7. I had been wondering why we’d not seen that shawl. It’s lovely and the overall lace patterning makes it extra special. Bet losing a dress never felt so good!

  8. The shawl turned out beautifully! And the best thing about shawls is that they always fit, regardless or your weight. 🙂

    Congratulations on the weight loss – I think it’s the best reason to have to give some of your clothes away!

  9. What a beautiful knit and a fantastic color! You will get a great deal of enjoyment wearing it once the weather cools. And how nice to need something in a new size to wear with it! Keep it up – I’m heading to the treadmill as soon as I log off!

  10. Well, you really applied yourself to finish that shawl in time. We all know (but tend to forget) that you can’t snack and knit a beautiful shawl at the same time…et viola’, weight loss!


  11. Get used to that happy feeling of noticing more of your clothing is just too big. It puts the time spent at the gym into perspective. Smaller pants and extra respect for your yourself is always a win win for me. I predict you’ll be giving yourself more mirror time. You deserve it.

  12. Very pretty, and I bet every time you wear it you’ll be reminded of your hard work on the weight loss front! You’ve been working so hard, you totally deserve to have results like that 🙂

  13. Ok Carole,
    When are you going to give “shawl” knitting lessons…..? Sign me up….mornings, afternoons, evenings, 2-4 in the morning…..I will be there!!!
    Gorgeous!!! So jealous of your talent..

  14. It’s so beautiful…and it’s green! Congratulations on the weight loss!!!! w00t! How much are you down now?

  15. Beautiful shawl! And congratulations on the weight loss…I am working on that myself.

  16. Lovely shawl! I salute your weight loss. Isn’t it great when clothing (even your favorites) are suddenly TOO BIG?? Have a great Thursday.

  17. Beautiful work on the shawl, Carole, and great news on the weight loss! I’m down about 14 lbs myself since the end of March. Although some of my clothes are starting to be loose, I’m not really down a whole size yet, so shopping for new clothes is a little ways off.

    Keep up the good work – in knitting and weight loss!

  18. Beautiful shawl! And yeah on the weight loss! I would sacrifice all my handknits if I could successfully lose 50 lbs! You are inspiring.

  19. It’s lovely and so delicate! Congrats on the weight loss, I’m back to logging in MFP and next week I’ll be back to the gym!

  20. It feels like a long time ago since you posted about that dress. I say, good riddance dress! You’re doing so awesome with your plan — WOO HOO! Shawl is lovely and I’m sure will get lots of use later this year.

  21. I love that shawl pattern (it was the first lace shawl I knit years ago)…and the green mohair looks light as air. congratulations on the weight loss…and be happy that shawls will still fit (socks too, right?!)

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