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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

Knitting on the Epic Sock Blanket continues and I think I will have finished a whole row of squares before the Olympics draw to a close. It’s not all Olympic knitting around here, though. Last week I started the 3rd shawl of the 4 I planned to knit for the spring. I guess this one will be for the fall since spring has long since passed and summer, much as I hate to admit it, will be over in the blink of an eye.

I’m actually okay with this one as a fall shawl – that rhymes nicely! – since the color is particularly fall-ish. And although the pattern is called Sugared Violets I have decided to call my version of it Sugared Mums, in honor of the beautiful orange mums I see everywhere in the fall.

My plan is to have it finished by the end of the month, just in time for a photo shoot with some pretty orange mums.

You know what they say about plans, though, and mine are always subject to change.


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  1. I LOVE the fall shawl (but not sure it rhymes quite the same way with my southern accent 🙂 and the idea of sugared mums (hum, lightly dusted with an early frost?) I have that pattern but haven’t knit it…can’t wait to see yours!

  2. I LOVE the color! It does look fall-ish, and will be perfect in among the changing leaves and blooming mums. Lovely.

  3. My favorite fall color! As we drove back from Maine on Monday I notice some mum plants appearing in several landscaping places. I’ve started Cranberry Capelet to wear as the cool weather begins.

  4. Friends are starting to ask me if I’m going to start a new project for Knitters Retreat. I haven’t given it a single thought, but now, with fall in the air, I’m trying to decide. You’ll be wearing this beauty by then! Love the color.

  5. That shawl will look fabulous set against some of our spectacular New England colors this fall 🙂

  6. Love fall colors in nature–most don’t work for me, however. Bet you look good in the fall palette.

  7. Bite your tongue! Summer is NOT almost over. The best parts are still ahead – or so I choose to believe…………..

  8. Great color! I saw an advertisement for a Giants football game on the television the other night. Football, leaves, and pumpkins are just around the corner. Your new shawl will fit in perfectly.

  9. I know all about plans changing. In this case it was a lucky thing. We were going to go to the family cottage for our vacation starting last weekend but switched our dates to accomodate my brother-in-law’s schedule and are now going this Sunday. We woke up on Sunday to a leak coming from our bathroom sink that was dripping into the living room through the ceiling. By the time all was said and done a couple of hours later, the ceiling had come down and we had a huge mess. I cannot imagine how awful the damage would have been had we been away for two weeks when this happened, so I am really grateful that the plans changed for us. It has certainly also changed the plans this week, both at home and at work (where I actually haven’t been much this week. Good thing we own the business.)

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