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And So Are You

I have this rule about my new hand knits and that rule is that I’m not allowed to wear anything until it has been properly blogged. It’s probably a silly rule, as are many of my rules, but it’s one I’m pretty strict about. And here’s the thing – our weather has turned cooler this week and I’ve got a finished shawl I’d like to wear and I haven’t blogged about it yet. Nothing like a little cold weather to kick me in the blogging butt and get this done!

The pattern is And So Are You by Rose Beck. It’s got a simple textured main section that moved along fairly quickly into a pleated border that I just love.

The yarn is Ball and Skein Sophia in the color Nyx. It’s a lovely neutral shade that’s not quite blue and not quite grey but something in between. I think it will go great with jeans this fall. Not that I have any jeans that fit at the moment but you get the idea.

There’s a perfect little ridge between the textured section and the pleated border that sets them apart. I love garter ridges like that and the way they can work to define two different parts of a hand knit.

The shawl has a beautiful crescent shape and I love the way the edges curl around so gracefully. It should sit quite nicely on my shoulders without the slipping and sliding of a triangular shawl.

And now that you’ve seen it I can test that theory and see if it’s true!



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  1. And now, you’ve kicked me in the butt to dig out this pattern and get going on this design. Yeah for jeans that don’t fit!

  2. The shawl is beautiful and it’s perfect suited to this time of year and the chill in the air. I’ve fallen complete for the crescent shaped shawls and And So Are You is a perfect example. You’ll love the way it fits. The color is perfect for jeans or anything else for that matter.

  3. Once again you have inspired me!! I have some lovely Woolen Rabbit blue jeans yarn I bought to make a Vitamin D sweater out of about a year ago. I think maybe it always wanted to be a And So Are You shawl, and so it shall be! Can hardly wait to see your new jeans, and to hear about the shopping trip that it takes to get them!

  4. Lovely, lovely shawl! It will look perfect with jeans — and a great piece for your wardrobe through the fall. (And what a GREAT problem to have . . . jeans that don’t fit. YAY!)

  5. That’s gorgeous! So glad that you now have a warm cozy shawl to wear with those too-huge jeans 🙂

  6. That’s a smart rule. I have a couple of things I’ve finished from years past and I have never taken a picture and blogged about them, so they don’t feel finished. At the very least, I need to take a picture and put it in Flickr and Ravelry.

  7. I think you need to add “modeled” to your blogging rule–I’d love to see this on! Love the color!

  8. Beautiful color. And speaking of crescents, have you tried Wingspan for stripey yarn? It’s so quick and lovely – something like watching the stripes develop on a sock – but you end up with little shawl!

  9. Ach! I’m doing Christmas knitting, and now you’ve shown me this pretty thing. No one every accused me of monogamous knitting, though.

    Later I will scroll through the versions of this on Ravelry and see all the yarns people have used. I may be a scattered knitter, but I’m a geeky scattered knitter. 🙂

  10. Beautiful shawl, and just the thing for the leftover Rapture that I have. I just made a sweater called Brookline from Twist Collective that uses this same little knot pattern. Wonderful sweater, fits my plus-size body perfectly. The pleated bottom would make a great variation and I will use it on the Brookline that I’m making for my sister! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  11. I’ve got that pattern and I’m glad one of my friends has knit it. LOVE! we’re not quite into shawl weather here, but I did wear a jacket over my sundress today. baby steps 🙂

  12. The best way I know of to keep oneself losing weight is to buy clothes that fit your new body, at the very least a staple like a pair of jeans, black pants, a couple of good-looking fitted tops. You’ll feel SO GOOD when you see your new physique and get so many compliments that you will WANT to stay on track. Makes the whole thing easier. (The voice of experience here: I’m 4’11” and I once lost 40 pounds.)

    I’m not really feeling the need to have this comment posted. I just wanted you to know your little librarian friend up in Scarborough, Maine is pulling for you.

  13. Man, it’s a good thing I don’t have any rules about my getting things on Ravelry. I have scads of things that I’ve yet to photograph. I’m such a rebel. Love, love your shawl! Time to buy some new jeans! 🙂

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