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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

I thought I’d be posting a finished orange shawl today since I was right on track to have it done by my birthday. Last week, however, as I was happily knitting along, I noticed that my ball of yarn was shrinking rapidly. I ignored this, of course, and kept moving forward. And the ball of yarn shrunk some more. I kept going, though, since I was sure I’d have enough. By the time I’d finished the 3rd eyelet repeat I was pretty certain I was in trouble. Like any good knitter, however, I began to knit faster, hoping to beat the yarn to the finish somehow. It comes as no surprise to you, I’m sure, that my plan to outrun the yarn did not, in fact, work.

Last Friday I ripped back about 4 inches, to the point where the smaller version of the pattern started. There is nothing quite so discouraging to a knitter as this, I think we can all agree. I didn’t start to feel encouraged again until Monday night, when I finally reached the point in my yarn where I knew I was moving forward again. With a little luck and some dedication I will still have this baby finished and blocked in time to go with me to Salt Lake City on Thursday.

Yup. No problem.

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  1. Knitters never seem to win when playing chicken with yarn yet we keep on trying 🙂 Perfect color to wear with the fall folliage!

  2. I recently finished a shawl with only 5′ of yarn left; another one took 300 more yards of yarn than the pattern called for, so I had to use another color. Gone are the days when designers overestimated yardage. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your finished shawl.

  3. Oh that is a pisser! My guess is a 2 toned look using another color for the last 4 inches would not be an option. I’m sure the shortened version will still be beautiful. Looking forward to the blocked and modeled shots.

  4. You’ll finish the shawl in time, but then you must be prepared with another project (or two) for the retreat! Can you believe we’ll be hugging and laughing IRL tomorrow night!? Your room awaits, my dear! 1 more sleep.

  5. I just did this with a shawlette I was knitting. My very supportive boyfriend asked me why I seemed to be knitting more purposefully and quickly and I tried to explain to him the concept of faster knitting = beating the end of the yarn. He nodded at me and then slowly walked away.

    P.S. I did beat the end of the yarn! HA take that.

  6. Ughhh – I hate when that happens. It’s so discouraging. I bet you are wearing that on the plane tomorrow! You show that yarn who’s boss.

  7. I couldn’t stop smiling while reading your descrription of yarn racing. We’ve all been there! Lately, I’ve taken to compulsively weighing my yarn–it works about as well as knitting faster!

  8. Well, you solved the problem and now have more yarn to add to your afghan. All is right with the world. Safe travels!!

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