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The Thrill of Victory

Turns out, changing my Olympic Knitting project after that first day was a damned fine idea. The Child’s First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush was demanding and challenging for me. It was also, however, project I could complete in the alloted time without injuring myself.

I finished the socks with a few days to spare. Time enough for the socks to visit the Olympic Village. While there they spent some time being worn by a few of the athletes competing in the games.

5106995_640X307 copy.jpg
On the luge track.

5352998_7_2 copy.jpg
Doing a belly flop.

skater_sock1 copy.jpg
At the women’s figure skating short program.

Scoring at the hockey game.

Me with my Olympic Gold medal. This feels great!

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