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The Thrill of Victory

Turns out, changing my Olympic Knitting project after that first day was a damned fine idea. The Child’s First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush was demanding and challenging for me. It was also, however, project I could complete in the alloted time without injuring myself.

I finished the socks with a few days to spare. Time enough for the socks to visit the Olympic Village. While there they spent some time being worn by a few of the athletes competing in the games.

5106995_640X307 copy.jpg
On the luge track.

5352998_7_2 copy.jpg
Doing a belly flop.

skater_sock1 copy.jpg
At the women’s figure skating short program.

Scoring at the hockey game.

Me with my Olympic Gold medal. This feels great!

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  1. GREAT photo work! Almost sad how significantly more exciting your sock’s life is than mine however…

  2. I’m laughing so hard. I just don’t know how I missed those wonderful socks on TV last night. Surely I would’ve noticed that. Hmmmm….

  3. Boy, you win the “almost made Christine wet her pants” prize……….too funny! And the picture of you with your medal? Priceless……

  4. Marvelous! Thanks so much for the lovely giggle. And congratulations on finishing the socks – they look great.

    Now if I could only convince my boss that knitting IS part of my job description…

  5. hey I came over here to tell you I heard you talking trash about me at Cara’s ….. but see, this is exactly why I shouldn’t bet on Cara – here you are with a finished project!

  6. Love it! That is brilliant – all of those athletes are so well-outfitted with your socks (no wonder the Russian team is doing so well in hockey! you should have made the socks for the US and Canada!) 😉

    Love you with the medal! So cute!

  7. Apparently I skim pictures, too… I didn’t get it right away, and I’m thinking, “Geez Louise, those are the ugliest, clunkiest skates — what is she wearing on her — OMG, those are Carole’s socks! They’re ALL wearing Carole’s socks!!!”

    Hilarious. Pass that bottle of whatever you’re drinkin’ over here, will ya?

  8. As the agony of potential defeat sticks it’s tongue out at me, I thoroughly enjoy the great big giggle I got out of your socks!

  9. Woo hoo! Go you! I’m finished, too. Let’s go drinking and trash our hotel rooms in Olympic Village. We can play loud music and keep the other athletes awake!

  10. OMG – I was laughing til the tears rolled down my cheeks… you rock girl!… and wouldn’t they all be pleased if they REALLY had pairs of your socks!!

    Great socks BTW..

  11. What a hoot! And congratulations.

    I always wonder if those luge guys feel a little, well, vulnerable in that position. Going ree ree fast. Down a hill.

  12. Funny! I probably shouldn’t admit this but it took me a bit to get it too. haha I blame it on it being early and only one cup of coffee so far.

  13. Congradulations!! You won!! I can’t believe what you did with photoshop, guess I need a lesson. Too fun. The shawl.. garter and eyelet, maybe beaded.

  14. Golly, I wish I had thought of putting my socks on the olympic athletes! That looks fab! Those socks certainly got around! LOL congrats on the gold and also the wheel 🙂

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