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Oscar Letdown

I have the Monday morning blahs. I’m not really sick but I feel icky. Icky enough to call in sick to work but not icky enough to need actual medical attention. Just a general blech feeling.

Perhaps it’s Oscar letdown. You see, I love the Oscars. The Oscars are, for me, what the Superbowl is for football fans. It all starts when the nominations are announced and there is the mad scramble for Dale and I to see all the nominated pictures. (We failed miserably this year, only seeing 2 out of 5. But, since the two we saw were Brokeback Mountain and Crash, we did apparently see the right two.) The discussion of movies and actors and music all culminates with the excitement of Oscar Day. There’s the pre-game show that’s on E! all afternoon. There’s talk about the nominees and the predictions and the food and the dresses. Here are Casa Carole Knits we have special Oscar night snacks. I put on my high heels and my bling and we make a party of it.

So that’s what yesterday entailed and I had a good time of it. I did think Jon Stewart was dull and that was a disappointment. But overall, I enjoyed the show. My predictions were dead on, which shouldn’t surprise Dale anymore, and yet it does. I kept going back and forth over Brokeback Mountain and Crash but finally decided that Ang Lee would get Best Director and Crash would get Best Picture and I was right. I called George Clooney and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Reese Witherspoon and Rachel Weisz for their various awards.

And now it’s over for another year. And I’m home sick. But wait! I just remembered. I taped the post game show on E. So, there’s knitting and Oscar rehash to look forward to. Things just might be looking up for the rest of my day.

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  1. I know what you mean! The Monday lack-luster blah’s are here too. Time to knit something easy and sit in the sun under my foyer window and think Spring!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! Wish I could be there too. We could have a party!

    Instead, I’m stuck here at work!!

  3. It’s really gloomy in Chicago, and I have the yucks, too………….Agree that Jon was a bit off. The only one of the best picture nominee that we saw was Crash. Great movie, but I was sure surprised!
    You go girl, – 100% accuracy on those predictions –

  4. Sorry for the Monday let-down but hey, at least it’s sunny! I was bummed about boyfriend Jon, but at least it ended on time. 🙂 Way to go with the predictions. And enjoy that rehash. Feel better.

  5. Feel better. I was sick yesterday — awful. I love the Oscars and missed them; we saw Crash on Sat. night and I’m still thinking about it — what an intense movie.

  6. Re-hash sounds wonderful. I like to sit and watch the outfits and wonder what in the hell some of them *cough* Charlene *cough* were thinking!?

  7. What some people won’t do to relive Oscar night and knit.
    Crash was a great movie and I do want to see the rest of the nominees, too. Finally a year of good movies. But what’s up with all the black gowns (the gown that ate Charleze!) and the white lips (Uma, you looked like death!). I love the Oscars for no other reason than to see that most of the ‘stars’ have no taste!

  8. Egad, but the gigantic bow on Charlize Theron’s shoulder was dreadful. I wonder if her stylist is going to have to be fired this morning.

    I hope the blahs and icks come to pass very quickly, and that the post-Oscar fun is worthy of the knitting time.

  9. I would love to have the night back, not to watch the Oscars (I didn’t, never do, not even for Jon, guess I didn’t miss anything) but to knit. I am sooo far behind. Again.

  10. Overall, I must say despite my kvetching, I did sort of enjoy it. I don’t think Jon was bad — just the whole show was boring. I was hoping for more belly laughs. Hollywood is meant to be excessive and it’s all about the superficiality. It’s SUPPOSED to be that way, not with everyone all well behaved. It’s like a train wreck that I want to watch. Then again, I must say I absolutely did not miss those ridiculous over-the-top acceptance speeches. Yes, we KNOW you thank your agent and your dog-walker. I am in favor of the trend toward more intelligent acceptance speeches. There. That’s my four cents on the Oscars. But my husband is in the doghouse because he was supposed to tell me when the red carpet pre-shows were on, and he feigned ignorance. “I thought you were on the phone.” Yeah. Right. So I missed most of that, and that’s really the best part.

  11. I’m so glad Crash won! It was in my local theatre for all of 2 days before they swapped it out for (I think) another screen of Star Wars. I was so sad because I had planned to see it, but then it was GONE! And I had to wait for video. But it was so good once I rented it that I watched it TWICE! I wish more people could have seen it. I think it could have made some difference in this small town.

  12. Ok, too weird – but I woke up feeling the same way. Vaguely icky, not up to dealing with work, but definitely functional enough to veg out and knit. 🙂 Yay us!

  13. I was pretty disappointed with the Oscars — and I’m with you, I love awards shows!! I watched ’til the bitter end, but it was boring.

    Hey, feel better soon!

  14. drove by about noon should have stopped, had knitting, you lucky ducky.

  15. The weather here is enough to give me the blahs… I will have to get out and see a few of these movies and plan to buy “Walk the Line” since I loved Johnny Cash and June Carter and was touched by Reese Witherspoon quoting Carter. Maybe it’s that the glamour season is now officially over, too!

  16. I watched the first hour, and then had to go to bed. I think the whole audience hated Jon Stewart. He fell flatter than most proverbial pancakes. Hope you are feeling better.

  17. I didn’t care much for Crash, but I thought Brokeback and Walk the Line were superb. I made it until about 10PM, and I agree with you, Jon Stewart was pretty boring. I actually like the preshow better than the awards because I like all the glamour. What was with that pouffy thing on Charlize’s shoulder? She doesn’t usually misstep. Yikes!

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