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Spam, Wonderful Spam

Can I just tell you? I had a great weekend! Friday night we had dinner with friends (including Sharon, the blogless wonder) and Saturday I spent the day with other friends at a Civil War Swap Meet, which is basically a yard sale of reenacting stuff. Either of those events would have made for a good weekend but . . .


Sunday we went to Spamalot! I have been looking forward to this since last December when I bought the tickets and I was not disappointed in the least. It was fantastic! I have always been a huge fan of The Holy Grail and couldn’t miss the opportunity to see it done on stage. They didn’t leave out much from the movie and actually found ways to improve on some of it. We laughed until we cried. When it ended, I immediately turned to Dale and said, “can we go again?” That’s how much I loved it. Really, if you have the chance, go and see this show!

And, because this is a *cough* knitting blog, I do have a teeny bit of knitting to show you.


This is my second pair of socks for Project Spectrum: March. The yarn is Opal Rainforest in the color Flamingo, picot edge courtesy of Claudia’s great instructions. This was a much longer sock leg Saturday night because I knit on it for most of Saturday while at the Swap Meet. However, on Sunday morning I decided to listen to that niggling little voice that had been telling me since Saturday morning that the leg looked awfully small. As in narrow. So, I checked my gauge and – yikes – realized that it wasn’t going to fit Hannah. RIP. My picot edge looks much better this time, though, so there’s that as a bonus.

Tomorrow spinning photos. You’ll be shocked.

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  1. My next pair of socks — picot!!

    Don’t you get a hankering for Spam now and then… something about my childhood, I’m sure (though many of those revisited culinary delicacies are best left to memory, I’ve found)… and Twinkies for dessert!

    Sounds like a really cool yard sale! ; )

  2. Oh, I’m so happy to hear that Spamalot was good. I’m going on Saturday night (holiday gift from my dh). I can’t wait!

    The pink picot edge on the sock is cute. It looks so different from the rest of the sock though – is it the same yarn?

  3. The Flamingo yarn is great – sure hope my Ladybug from the same line knits up as nicely.

    Also, thanks for letting us know that Spamalot is a good show – maybe the touring company will get here eventually.

  4. My dear friend Bakerina just saw Spamalot this weekend, too. I do wish I lived close enough to see it without airplanes expenses.

    I love the pink sock. I haven’t yet bought any of the Opal Rainforest collection, and I’m not sure why. Must get to that.

  5. RIP — LOL! I’m such a sucker for puns. Thanks for the review of Spamalot. (Do they do the witch bit? That’s my favorite bit from the movie.)

    At some point when I wasn’t looking DH instituted a tradition of Spam on our annual Maine vacation. The last few years it’s been what he refers to as “health Spam” (Spam lite) as opposed to “Death Spam” (the original). Yes, we know “health” is a relative term.

  6. Oooh, I hear Spamalot is extremely funny! I just saw something on one of the newscasts about it.

    And I do like that Opal. 🙂

  7. Oh, how fun – Spamalot. I haven’t seen it but my son did and he loved it too. Guess I should take a look at when I can get good seats. BB says hi!

  8. I know my DH will be delighted to hear your review of Spamalot! How very fun… Say, did I ask you if you had a pattern for a crocheted hair snood amongst your re-enacting paraphernalia?

  9. You saw Spamalot! Aieeee! I’m so envious!

    And I had no idea that the Flamingo looked like that. I love the way yours is knitting up! I may have to reconsider my I-can-live-without-that…

  10. Oh I bet that was fun. I’d love to see me some SPAM on the stage. Great sock so far — I love that flamingo pink :O)

  11. Love that Opal colorway! I have been tempted by many in their Rainforest line… I have to bust some stash first though! 😉

    Spamalot looks so fun – too bad we missed it when we were in NYC. Maybe next time!

  12. Love the sock! the picot makes it extra pretty! I love that Flamingo but I. MUST. NOT. BUY. MORE. SOCK. YARN. 🙂

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