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Project Spectrum Update

I finished my red cable socks! The yarn is Fleece Artist Merino from Red Bird Knits. The pattern is from the book Knit Socks. It’s one of those board books and it’s shaped like a sock. I had knit this pattern for Dale a while back with some worsted weight yarn and was pleased to see a pattern variation for sock yarn as well. It’s so much fun to knit, moves along pretty quickly, and they fit great! Plus, they are red. And red is my favorite color. And also the Project Spectrum requirement for the month of March.
Red_Twist_Socks.JPG red_twist_socks1.jpg

Hannah’s socks, which are pink and therefore also fulfill the Project Spectrum requirement, are coming along nicely. Sock One is done and Sock Two is started. I don’t anticipate a problem finishing these by the end of the month.

Pink is not just for socks but also for girls and our granddaughter Ambrynn came for a visit on Sunday. She was, appropriately enough, wearing an outfit with a pink heart on the front and pink socks. Look at that grin! And those big blue eyes! Isn’t she adorable?
ambrynn_march2_small.jpg ambrynn_march1.jpg
We sure think so!
ETA: Okay, for all of you who have now forgotten that I am only 40, Ambrynn is my stepson’s daughter, making her my stepgranddaughter – which just sounds too weird to me so I just call her my granddaughter. You all know that Dale is 14 years older than I am, right? So I have grown stepchildren and therefore, two stepgrandchildren. It’s all very neat, actually.

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  1. Nice job on the cabled socks. I’m working my way up to that. I’ve seen that book in the shops, so it’s good to have a “real” person give it s thumb’s up. Great Spectrum projects.
    Cute baby, too.

  2. Hi Carole! Lovely red socks! they look so comfy 😉 just in time too for this little cold snap we seem to be having… and just in time for Project Spectrum!

    I love the way that Opal sock looks too – can’t wait to see them modeled on your tootsies!

    Adorable baby pics-those cheeks 😉

  3. Oh Carole I love those cabled socks. And the Opal Flamingo socks are pretty cool. I can’t believe you have a granddaughter! You are so young in spirit I never realized you could be old enough to have grandchildren. She is adorable!

  4. The sock look great (another book added to my list). Ambrynn is a doll – she looks like a fun girl to have around.

  5. I also love red — the socks are just lovely. Isn’t Ambrynn adorable! (Did you see the 40-year old Virgin — Catherine Keener as the “hot grandmother!”)

  6. Damn, I’ve resisted getting that socks book, but I LOVE those socks. Hannah’s are beautiful, too, as is little Ambrynn.

  7. Thanks for the clarification! As I was reading that, I was wondering how it could be possible for you to have a granddaughter – I just knew you’re too young! She is beautiful. 🙂 Love those socks, too (the red and the pink socks).

  8. Love those red socks and those pink cheeks. She’s beautiful!! Guess there’s another book in my future.

  9. Those socks are beautiful! I think I knew you had stepchildren, but in any case a friend became a (biological) grandmother at 39, so it does happen. In any case she is darling (Ambrynn, that is).

  10. Oh, lovely socks! Those red socks look seriously cushy comfy.

    Heh, marrying into children and grandchildren sounds like the way to go! That grandbaby is seriously cute.

  11. Math wise, you being 40 is not inconsistent with having biological grandchildren. But who cares whether they are biological or step or any other relationship? Love is love and cute is cute and children of children are grand no matter!

    The socks are nice too.

  12. I did do a doubletake on the grandaughter business! But I see how it is. I am 33 and have a niece and nephew that are 26 and 22, respectively. My (half) sister is much older than me. But I get shocked looks!

  13. I have Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in Red stashed for those same socks! Thanks for the preview of what mine will look like whenever I get around to knitting it (probably about 2008, but hey, that’s what stash is for!)

    Your granddaughter is adorable! And I’m so glad she complied with the Project Spectrum requirements!

  14. I made my mother a grandmother at 37 so it can happen ;o) She wasn’t happy about it, but it happened, hehe

    I love your socks!! Is Hannah excited that she’s getting a pair? Dobby actually admitted to me last night that she’d like a pair of socks…as long as they’re black ;o)

  15. You could SO be a grandmother at 40…just sayin’.
    Love the socks!! Me want Fleece Artist. Susan had some on Sunday…it looked fabulous in person.

  16. The red socks with the little cables are adorable! I knit that pattern for my grandma, and I agree that they fit really, really well on the foot – enjoy wearing them!

  17. And I think I like your Flamingo socks better than my Ladybug. But we can’t switch, because I have a skein of the Flamingo yarn too :). Your granddaughter is totally adorable!

  18. I understand what you mean about the “stepgrandparent” business. My mother remarried when I was a junior in college and my stepfather’s parents adopted all four of us instantaneously. I have just recently really gotten to know them, having spent a week with them each of these last two years. People get confused when I say stepgrandparents–it takes them awhile to figure out the logistics of the relationship. So, now I just say grandparents. And when I visit, they introduce me as their granddaughter. It leads to some interesting situations, “Oh, she looks just like her aunt Cathy,” or, “Did she inherit your music genes?” 🙂

  19. Beautiful! I am wearing cable knit socks today as well. Mine aren’t that lovely red, though! Just gorgeous!

    As is your granddaughter. Cute as a button!

  20. I really love the socks but I have to tell you that the baby is cuter! How cool to be such a young Grandma! You so have the energy to really enjoy her.

  21. Great socks Carole! I haven’t tried Fleece Artist Merino yet. How did you like it? Is it superwash?
    Your granddaughter is adorable!! I love babies. Especially when they are someone else’s. 🙂

  22. She’s adorable!!! (And yes, I thought there had to be something up with the straight up use of granddaughter, because you are so *young*!)

  23. The socks are all beauties… and what a perfect way to become a young grandmother. 😉
    Ambrynn is a little cutie!

  24. The socks are very lovely, and so is the granddaughter… heck babies are great no matter our age. I have a “stepgrandbaby” too, although I am old enough for grandkids of my own, a decade on you.

  25. That Grandbaby is Beautiful! I am proud to say that I will be 53 this year and my oldest Granddaughter is 16 and my youngest granddaughter will be 2 on Monday! The best is when I’m with the oldest one and people think I’m her Mom. She loves to tell them I’m not her Mom, I’m her Grandmother! I love the expression on their faces!

  26. Yummy, yummy socks (all of them), and an adorable baby. What a gret way to start off my morning. Can I leave work and go knit now??

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