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F is for Flannel

Coming up with an entry for the letter E was such a struggle. But F? I had multiple choices for the letter F. I considered “F is for Fishing” and “F is for Flowers” and “F is for Family” but finally decided that “F is for Flannel” because I love the way flannel makes me feel.

L-R flannel nightgown, my flannel bathrobe, flannel nightgown, Dale’s flannel bathrobe [made by ME]

I’m crazy about all things flannel. I wear long and full flannel nightgowns all winter long. I keep flannel sheets on the bed and have a couple of flannel quilts. I wear flannel pants when I’m hanging around the house (Dale calls it “dressing for speed” when I do this) and there’s nothing so cozy as an over-sized (i.e. Dale’s)flannel shirt. When we do our Civil War reenacting I have flannel bloomers and flannel petticoats. And there’s something absolutely wonderful about a flannel shirt on a chilly summer night!

All flannel shirts of Dale’s but consistently worn by me!

That’s my flannel story! And I’m sticking to it!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE my flannel shirt collection. I even leave a few out for the summer, for those cooler evenings. Of course, as I tell my friends, plaid is my favorite color, and flannel is my favorite fiber.
    Goof job on the F.

  2. I love my flannel sheets. And I like hugging people who are wearing flannel. Funny quirk perhaps, but I really do.

  3. I love flannel, too. My flannel “dorm pants” with Abigail’s high school logo on them are starting to fall apart. I wear them constantly in the house. I wonder if the college has any….

    And I don’t wear it to bed — long nightgowns drive me crazy in bed because I get all tangled up in them — but I have a flannel nightgown that I got at a Garnet Hill tent sale over 22 years ago (I know this because I was wearing it when I was in labor and Abigail’s 21 now…). I still pull it out when I’m cold and/or sick. It’s like brand new.

  4. Mmmm, flannel sheets. So, in your quilting days did you ever make a flannel quilt? My hubbys gram made an amazing one that I always want to steal and take home….so soft and cozy.

  5. Flannel reminds me of all the fannel night gowns my mother made. Every year we recieved a new night gown for Christmas. They were warm and beautifully made. The last one I remember had a ruffle around the yoke and it was pink! Thanks for the memories.

  6. Oh, I love flannel too. Flannel pants are the first thing I put on when I get home from work. I wear them in the summer too because hubby keeps the a/c a little too low for my liking. Great “F” post. 🙂

  7. Good choice, Carole! I love flannel sheets. All year long. I don’t have air conditioning at home, and oddly enough, flannel sheets are more comfortable in the summer than percale. They’re nice & cozy in the winter, too. 🙂

  8. Someone else who thinks flannel is grand! My flannel sheets have been on the bed all summer. (Yes I have several sets and yes they do get changed!) I don’t like those nasty crispy starched and cold sheets. yuck!
    And I was a great aunty at age 33. My sister’s husband’s daughter by his first marriage had a kid. Step great aunt has such a nice evil ring to it…

  9. I’ve made a flannel duvet for our bed – but it’s not just a piece of flannel – no – it’s a pieced roman stripe top, quilted to a piece of cotton, and THEN turned into a duvet. We then put a feather comforter inside. It must weigh about 50 pounds.

    I love it. It pins you to the bed while you are sleeping.

    Good ‘F’! I agree. Flannel rocks.

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