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Bloomin’ Feet

My Bloomin’ Feet socks arrived on Saturday and they were knit by none other than Amanda, who actually organized this swap along with Becky. And, boy did she do a fantastic job! Not only do my socks fit PERfectly but she also sent along some terrific goodies representative of her area.

There were beads from Mardi Gras – which thrills me to no end. I actually had goose bumps holding the beads and thinking, WOW, these are authentic Mardi Gras beads. They are much bigger and heavier and longer than the beads we see around here. And there were pralines. Emphasis on were, since they are gone, gone, gone. And tulip notecards and assorted tulip goodies. And recipe cards and a very sweet note, too.

Enough talk, you want pictures. Here you go!
The package.

The socks celebrating Mardi Gras.

Truly, Bloomin’ Feet.

Can I just say? I knew these socks were mine when she blogged about them the other day. She specifically stated how the ridges reminded her of tulip petals and I had said in my sock questionnaire that tulips are my favorite flower. So, I knew hoped. Thanks, Amanda, you are terrific!

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  1. Beautiful Socks! I love the color, it really shows off the patterns and Louet Gems is soooo soft! Very pretty and a perfect fit!

  2. They are SO pretty! And look great with the daffodils. Hooray for Mardi Gras (and Pralines mmmm pralines).

  3. GRIN I think Teyani Knew/hoped that my socks were for her as well Carole. But that’s okay! Just part of the fun. They look great on you girl!

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