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Yellow, Yellow, Kiss a Fellow

Allow me to present a Project Spectrum: April post. Lots of pictures, very few words. Because, frankly, the pictures speak for themselves!

Jessica’s socks. Modeled by Jessica.

How convenient that the yellow and orange daffodils are in bloom right now!

A close up. These are right back my back door and I just love having them there!

And look at this one with the bright orange cup! I think daffodils are stunning in their simplicity.

I made this wall hanging several years ago and it hangs in my office at work – on a yellow wall.

This just came yesterday from Mama-E. Since the other sock yarn is Cheez Whiz, this must be Velveeta!

Ahhh. Orange fiber, drafted and ready to be spun. Don’t you just want to reach out and pet it?

In no time at all, that orange fiber was turned into orange singles.

And, then, of course, the orange singles were plied and become orange yarn.

That’s all the yellow and orange that’s fit to print. Orange you glad you stopped by today?

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  1. How appropriate that I’m sitting here eating mandarin oranges for breakfast while reading your daffy/orange n yellow post. Colors, socks, yarn and fiber are all wonderful

  2. I feel invigorated after reading your post. Orange can do that to you!

    And that bucket o’ fiber? I would dive in there and swim around, if you hadn’t spun it up already. 😉

  3. My first thought was “where’s the banana?” but of course Kathleen beat me to it. Love those daffies! And the yarn, but that goes without saying.

  4. Never a big fan of either yellow or orange — especially not orange — but here you’ve gone and made them gosh darn pretty! The yarn is really lovely!! ; )

  5. My yard and pasture is positively overgrown with daffodils. The trouble is, I was in L.A. while they bloomed and I got home to nothing but wilted blooms. FEH.

    I like the velveeta yarn best, but it’s ALL beautiful!

  6. Beauty everywhere I look! Yarn! flowers! finished socks! such a joy 😉 oh, and some lollygirl colorway too – maybe velveeta would have been a more appropriate name for it…

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