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Project Spectrum April: The Results

I love how Project Spectrum gives me guidelines and deadlines for my sock knitting and fiber spinning!

In fact, the looming arrival of May 1st pushed me to finish the Cheez Whiz socks. They are for me and I love them! What do you think?




I have also been pushing to finish spinning the Lorna’s Laces roving I got from Liz. It’s not yellow at all and only sort of orange, it’s more salmon and brown than anything, but it’s got a beautiful sheen and it’s been great to work with.

The fiber has been drafted:

And spun into singles:

And plied and turned into skanks:
I’m really pleased with the way this turned out. My spinning is definitely getting more even and this is thinner than most of what I’ve spun so far. There’s about 600 yards there – enough for a small shawl!

Now on to May! I’ll be knitting socks from this gorgeous Brooklyn Handspun, color Hawaii Joy.

And I’ll be spinning Grafton Fiber batts and Fleece Artist roving.


This whole Project Spectrum thing has really opened my eyes to the colors around me. In March I saw red and pink everywhere, in April everything was yellow and orange. Now the world is turning green!

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  1. The world is GREEN, so this month is going to be a piece of cake! 🙂 So glad you are part of this Project, Carole!

    The socks are so cute. The lace pattern is a great match for them! Glad to see they are for you too! You deserve a beautiful pair.

    Best wishes for this *green* Monday!

  2. Is that the raindrop lace pattern from Fiber Trends? I love the socks! They rock the blog-o-sphere! Beautiful fiber and spinning too ;o)

  3. I love how Project Spectrum gives me guidelines and deadlines, too. lol (Yikes, am I behind!)
    Your socks are just great and I love their name.

  4. Those are great socks! And with a whole week of rain coming, we’ll have plenty of green to work with.

  5. Love, love, LOVE the Cheez Whiz socks. Such a nice lot of plans….Project Spectrum is a really great focus-helper, huh?! Of course, my “green” is a bit different than yours, it appears. 🙂

  6. I love the Cheese Wiz socks! Love your spinning, too. It’s so fun to see the different PS colors each month!

  7. The Cheez Whiz socks are great! The yarn you spun is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you knit with it.

  8. Amanda asked the question I was going to ask — just got that pattern and if this is how they turn out, I’ll have to get on that! Great socks and spinning.

  9. I love those socks! Love them!

    That Grafton Fibers Batt is gorgeous too, I still haven’t spun up the ones I got at SPA. And I’ll probably get more at NHS&W!

  10. GORGEOUS socks!! Love your newly spun yarn and your upcoming greens are so full of spring and promise!

  11. The socks, the spinning – beautiful. Project Spectrum has really opened my eyes also and it is so much fun concentrating on one color family.

  12. Dayum you knit fast – wasn’t that 2nd sock only half done on Saturday? ;o) They look great!

    Where’s my list? ;o)

  13. I’ve had the same experience with seeing colors I wouldn’t normally see! Only this month I think the yellow and orange are going to overlap with the green a bit, since I have yet to finish my socks!

    What pattern is that for your socks? I love them!

  14. Lots of pretty pictures today! Love the Cheez Whiz socks! And your hand spun is beautiful! Great colors.
    It was awsome to meet you on Saturday! Loved the new hairdo too!

  15. I love the socks! And your spinning is great…I love those colors. Can’t wait to see the green all spun up.

  16. The Cheez Whiz socks are AWESOME! (You just can’t go wrong with feather and fan, can you?) And that Fleece Artist roving… *sigh*

  17. Looming? Looming? Are you getting a loom?
    Oh…not THAT like of looming…
    The socks are fantastic, great texture. You always make great socks.

  18. LOVE THOSE SOCKS! Those are some of the happiest (but not TOO happy, if you know what I mean) socks ever!

    I’m not participating in Project Spectrum, but it has been such a treat around blogland ’round the first of each month. Thanks!

  19. Lovely socks …. what pattern is it again?

    I’m knitting furiously to finish my April socks before I get out the green Opal for May ….. I’m enjoying the sock/Project Spectrum connection.

  20. Holy tons of comments. But I love those socks too. I have some STR in a gold in my stash that I didn’t care for…perhaps they might be nice after all….

  21. From one to the next: Grafton Fibers, Fleece Artist, Lorna’s, Brooklyn Handspun, beautiful socks (Cheeze Whiz?? Gee whiz!) You hang in rarified circles.

  22. Hi from Austria! Your socks are absolutely gorgeous, I love the pattern and the colorline you worked with!
    And oh, such a lot of great fibers and beautifully spun yarn – great job with that!

  23. Love love love those sock! What pattern is that? Looks like feather and fan and something else?…

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