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Project Spectrum May: The Results

As I’ve done for the past few months, I have used the Project Spectrum color guideline to help me choose sock yarn and spinning fibers.

This month, I knit socks for Lois with yarn from Brooklyn Handspun. Lois, who will knit fiddly baby dolls and Aran sweaters and other things that are beyond my scope, will not knit socks. I, of course, would prefer knitting socks to just about anything else and therefore stepped up to the plate and made her these socks.


They were a huge success! She wore them to work the very next day and received loads of compliments from other knitters. I am happy to have made these for my dear friend. And don’t mind that she showed them off one little bit.

My other green projects included spinning this:

Into this:
This was my first time spinning with the Grafton Fiber batts and I just loved it! The fiber practically drafts itself and that helped keep my spinning pretty even.

I also spun this:

Into this:
More first experiences here, this time with Fleece Artist roving. It wasn’t as easy to draft as some fibers I’ve worked with but the colors are beautiful and I love the finished product.

And now, on to June and the color blue. Don’t we all have loads of blue in our stashes?

I’ll be knitting socks from this
Oooh. Yummm. Denim Blue Yarn from Jessie at A Piece of Vermont. Have you ordered yarn from her yet? You really should. I’m just saying.

And I’ll be spinning Foxfire Fiber batts.

I may have gotten a head start on the Foxfire this past weekend. I’ve got the blues and I just couldn’t wait.

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  1. Fabulous gift socks…Lois is a lucky grrl.
    Your PS greens are pretty nice but the blues and purples of the next two months are going to be most fun of all.

  2. I have a Grafton batt and some Fleece Artist roving in my fiber stash. Maybe it’s time to give them a turn on the wheel.

  3. The socks look wonderful!

    Love your yarn – it looks beautiful :o)

    I *heart* my Foxfire BFL – I’m almost halfway through it already ;o)

  4. Not only lovely colors (yeah, I’m biased) but your spinning is luscious! So even, so fine. I’m impressed. I didn’t get Foxfire BFL…ooops.

  5. The socks are wonderful … isn’t it great when the giftee truly appreciates what you’ve made for them?

    All those wonderful, saturated greens and blues … wonderful stuff.

  6. What lovely greens! The socks are especially fabulous, and I would probably return to spinning if I turn out such great results. Green is my favorite color, so this has been a fun month to be a blog voyeur, but blue is a close second, and I really like your spun-up denim – has lots of promise, and I am curious to see what you will turn it into.

  7. Your spinning is beautiful. I could only hope to even get close to your grist. Grist, that is a new word I learned this weekend. Don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about? LOL

  8. Lois sounds like my kind of knitter – give me any aran project or even fair isle before I tackle my first pair of socks…

  9. Carole, your handspun is really lovely – I can’t wait to see the finished skeins of the Foxfire batt – what beautiful colors!

  10. Congratulations the socks are beautifull!
    I’m also a knitting fan myself and since I started reading your blog became really curious about spinning. could you please take a picture of the spinning wheel you’re using? I’ll see to get something similar on my next yarn shopping day.
    greetings from Argentina,
    Frani 🙂

  11. My head is swirling with all the fibery goodness you have to show! I love your floral/fiber montage you have going on! So summery!

  12. NOw, I’m sure you aren’t saying that you couldn’t do a complicated sweater? Because you are an awesome knitter – you could handle anything! You just choose not to… right?

    Looks like you guys had a blast at Cummington – next year, I swear.

  13. Um…Carole…I’m thinking we need some Feberholics Anonymous? That’s a lot of fiber action going on. It’s all so gorgeous. (Not a haggish fiber in the bunch!)

  14. Such pretty socks! How interesting that Lois doesn’t knit socks 🙂 All the colors are a feast for the eyes, and your spun up Fleece Artist is a work of art!

  15. Gosh, I can’t believe how productive you were! The socks are amazingly beautiful, and so is the yarn – all of it actually!

  16. So many beautiful crafts this month! Great socks!

    Oh, I am really looking forward to next month too – looks like you have a great start on it 😉

  17. I really love the blue you started spinning, but I’m huge fan of blues and purples, like Margene.

  18. I started spinning my Grafton Fiber batt on my new spindle as I have nothing else right now. Hoping I do the poor beautiful thing justice with my novice skills! I also have several skeins of yarn from Jessie and it is Yum!

  19. Those socks turned out wonderfully! I like the Fleece Artist you spun, too. I think we’re all very ready to hit the blues. 🙂

  20. Ohhh I love seeing the yarn all knit up – I’m going to have to steal this picture for my future gallery! Your spinning is great, I love the blue! I need to go home right now and spin – I’ve got a spritely goods batt just calling my name!

  21. What a wonderful gift! Those socks are gorgeous. Maybe my new BH yarn needs to be Feather and Fan socks too :o)

    Love the spinning — you’ve done a wonderful job!

  22. I love those socks Carole! It is nice to see a lace pattern not overwhelmed by the varigation and vice versa. Your spinning inspires me – I love the way your Fleece Artist turned out; it looks so cool! Good luck with Blue Month (I am impressed with how focused you have been – and on track!)!

  23. Wow, you got a LOT of green projects done for last month! Your spinning is beautiful! I started a few green things and finished none. sigh

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