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All’s Well – So Far

Thank you all so much for the good travel vibes for Hannah. It means more than I can say – really. I talked to her late yesterday afternoon and she is having a ball. She had been to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and was getting ready to go to Phantom of the Opera. I feel much better knowing she has arrived safely. Now I just have to worry about what she’ll do while she’s there. Oy.

I honestly did spend the whole day knitting yesterday but I have no pictures to show you. I’m chugging forward on the Seraphim Shawl and the endless stockinette part is finally over. I’m about 1/3 of the way through chart 2 and now I’m worrying that I might not have enough yarn. I’ve gotten in touch with Robyn at Red Bird Knits and she has assured me that she can special order a skein of Fleece Artist Silk Stream in Rosey for me but the lead time is four to six weeks. So, I may not be finishing this shawl as soon as I had hoped. I’m just so anxious to either run out of yarn or finish, you know?

I can’t give you a post without at least a picture or two, so here’s the latest from Ambrynn.
IMG_0989_small.jpg IMG_0991_copy.jpg IMG_0990_small.jpg
Isn’t she gorgeous? And she’s starting to like me, I think. We sat on a blanket in the backyard last Friday afternoon and she kept smiling at me and she even let me hold her. Then, when they were getting ready to leave, I was waving to her with both hands and she reached her little arms right out to me. Of course I snatched her away from her mom for a nice little snuggle!

Good stuff, that. I think I might need to knit something for the little cutie. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hmm, something with flowers on it. She looks like she needs to be wearing cute little flowers. Glad to hear your daughter is having a good tiem!

  2. Glad that hear that Hannah is having fun! That baby girl is so cute! I think she needs a Dale cardi — (which is appropriate on many levels 🙂

  3. She is so cute!! I knit up the daisy sweater (the Harlot’s pattern from Knitty) last spring for my niece (1 year old at the time), and I loved it: knitting it AND how it turned out. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  4. Glad to hear Hannah is doing okay and having a great time.

    Ambrynn is so cute! She definitely needs a cute sweater.

  5. Glad to hear Hannah’s doing well and you’re holding up! (Wine helps.) As for Ambrynn, my mind reels at the possibilities. She’s so adorable I’d want to knit her every cute baby thing ever invented, and invent some to boot. Hmm… bootees?

  6. Yeah for your Hannah!!! How much fun is she having?? I suggest knitting a dress for Ambrynn. No wait, that’s me. How about a light cotton cardigan? Or a stuffed toy? That could be fun!

  7. Cute pictures!! Glad to hear that Hannah is having fun – and you are surviving! Miss Dashwood is fun – after the cast on. Minnowknits also has some cute patterns – and you could use the Manos cotton Stria for the summer. It comes in some gorgeous colors. There is a cute vest pattern (Minnowknits) with ruffles at the bottom.

  8. Hon, just be thankful you are not in the military. My oldest went on class trips to Spain for a week her junior and senior years. We lived in Germany at the time. Talk about nervous…… New York is fairly tame in comparison…….LOL. She will live and your fingernails will grow back. Dee

  9. I have the same concern with my Seraphim, and I’m about at the same place you are…Row 19 on Chart 2.

    I guess I’d better check and make sure Elann still has the yarn…just in case. It would really suck if I have to frog back.

  10. Glad to hear that your “baby” arrived safely in NYC.
    What a cute little girl. I’ll tell you those snuggles are the bestest! I’m looking forward to some this weekend!

  11. When I was a junior in high school, my choir went to NYC. 120 high school students _from_Iowa_ loose in the big apple. We even had to walk through Times Square at night to get to the theater to see Cats (and this was in 1990 before they cleaned it up). And we all came back–every single one of us–safe, sound, not mugged, and thrilled to have gone there. If 120 Iowa kids can make it back from NYC safely, I’m sure Hannah can. 🙂

    As for the little one–a think a cute cotton summer dress would be right. And for heaven’s sake, measure her feet for Norma!

  12. remember that old book, Minnow Knits? there is the cutest sweater/hat set in there, the hat looks like a little cupcake, and the sweater has those little diamond designs all over. It was a fast and easy set to knit. What a beautiful baby… hard to believe that ours are all grown up – glad that you are doing well, and that Hannah is having a blast. 🙂

  13. Have you read the new Mason-Dixon book? They have the cutest pattern for a simple cotton baby bib. It’s made with Peaches and Cream (although I am using Sugar n’ cream from AC Moore), all garter stich and it knits up in a few hours. I made one the other day and it’s super cute!

  14. Glad to hear Hannah is safe and sound and having fun! And that baby is just delicious!

    I vote for Wendy’s Baby Norgi in girly colors! I LOVE that sweater!

  15. How about the Anouk pinafore dress from Knitty? The Haiku sweater from Knitty is also a fun& cute knit. Anything would be adorable on her!

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