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Where I’ve Knit

Have you seen the contest that Kat is having? You are supposed to list 5 places you have knit other than your own house or a yarn shop. Want to know something really funny? I’ve never actually knit in a yarn shop.

But I have knit loads of other places and narrowing it down to 5 was tricky. Here’s my list.
1. At the top of a lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard. I also knit on the ferry going to and from Martha’s Vineyard.
2. At the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four.
3. At Wicked.
4. At the Public Library Association Annual Conference.
5. On the Gettysburg Battlefield.

That list doesn’t include all the times I’ve knit at the library, at the beach, in the car, on the subway, at parties and nightclubs and outdoor concerts, in restaurants and bars, in the pool (that’s a tricky one) and at reenactments. If I’m there, so is the knitting because I don’t leave home without it.

None of these places are particularly unusual places to be knitting, are they? I think it would be interesting to know where you wouldn’t knit. Where do you draw the line and say, unh uh, can’t knit here. I guess I’d have to say that I wouldn’t knit at a funeral. What about you guys?

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  1. My daughter has already told me that she’ll break my fingers if I knit at her Bat Mitzvah. So, I would add “your own child’s Bat Mitzvah” to the list of places you probably shouldn’t KIP.

  2. I’d have to give that some thought. A funeral, probably not. The most obvious to me is on the pot. But maybe that’s just my particular thing. I imagine there are some who have, and do!

  3. i don’t knit at meetings at work. even though i doodle in meetings and that helps me to concentrate and knitting would do the same, i don’t think the non-knitters in my group would see it that way.

    i have trouble knitting at group knitting events. if there’s socializing going on, my knitting is going to suffer. so i either have to stitch or bitch — i’m incapable of doing both.

    i’ve knit on the pot.

  4. I’ve never knit in a yarn store either. We only have one in town and it is usually filled with the stuffy country club ladies that do lunch after a round of morning tennis. Then they go to the lys and knit with all that fluffy stuff. I avoid it for obvious reasons :o)

  5. Carol,
    That is a GREAT post. It was also fun when you knitted in Vermont at the Quechee Gorge. The heights, the thrills!
    I’ve only knitted in two places: the living room and the hallway. I need to work on this.

  6. Wow, great list! I need to expand my horizons! I did knit in a cabana in the Dominican Republic. You get some strange looks for knitting winter hats while sitting in the caribbean. But could you imagine going a whole week without? Unspeakable!

  7. My DH hates it when I knit at concerts (especially while he is singing) — which is a shame, because knitting and music go so well together. I can’t think of anywhere especially unusual that I knit: the library, the subway, on the way to work (DH drives), at Town Meeting (these days about 1/3 of the women at TM seem to be knitting) and PTO meetings, at soccer games, in the doctor’s office… but doesn’t everybody?

  8. Okay, so I haven’t knit at the top of a lighthouse on MV, I’ve knit on the ferry and on the beach there . . . And, did I tell you that my Mom is friends with the woman whose father was the last live-in lighthouse keeper at West Chop? What a cool place to grow up!

  9. funny post..what a great list! . knitting at LYS?? hmm, nope not me. I did knit through an entire day of continuing ed classes (they were totally boring, and the whole class was more interested in my knitting than the talk ) Hah!

  10. I’m like you, I always have my knitting with me. I knit at church – just not during the service. My Pastor’s wife is a knitter too, so he understands the obsession, but draws the line at knitting during the service. 🙂 I have never knit at a yarn shop (the ones around here are pretty small, so there’s really no room to sit & knit).

  11. I agree, not at a funeral. Or any other religious ceremony, I guess. Ever been to a catholic mass wedding? Whew. I don’t think I could get through one without knitting, but I probably wouldn’t do it 🙂 I don’t observe any religion myself, but I think it’s the place many people may be the most offended by.

  12. funny i work in the music business & have never knit at a concert! though have discovered some of our artists knit too.

  13. I’ve never knit in a LYS cause I don’t have an LYS! But my KIP are pretty ordinary, unlike your great ones!

    So the “answer” to what that thing was is on my blog…bet you had NO CLUE 🙂

  14. I will not knit at my thesis defense (whenever that may be), though it would probably calm my nerves. I also would not knit in the tub, on the pot, or at an Italian restaurant or pizza place (I get enough stuff on myself, I shudder to think what my knitting would look like).

  15. This topic recently came up with my daughter, as a matter of fact. I told her that if I get hit by a truck anytime soon, she should give away my yarn to my knitting friends at the funeral. I would expect them to knit through it, yes I would.

    Where wouldn’t I knit? Well, I have to admit I’ve knit while going potty and I’ve knit while driving (in standstill traffic, though) and I’ve knit at a wedding reception, so I can’t really think of anywhere I wouldn’t knit other than places like the bath or in the rain, where my yarn could get ruined.

  16. I don’t knit in smokey bars (I don’t want my yarn to stink!)…actually I try not to go there much at all…
    I don’t think I’d knit at a funeral either.

  17. Never have knit in a yarn shop. (closest is 1 hour and a half away.)

    i have knit on the pot. (being sick helps this one!)

    would love to knit at church but think Father and husband would object. (God would understand!) (I think.)

  18. I’ve knit on a plane, in the car, in a taxi, at my son’s baseball games, at church (not during a service), in a yarn store, at the base of Mt. Filo, in Charlotte, Vermont and on a bench in my garden.

  19. Not at a funeral but I did knit while sitting Shiva for my mother-in-law. No one looked at me funny. I also took it out during Shiva calls for close friends. It would probably stay away for most other people.

  20. Didn’t I teach you magic loop in a yarn shop? And didn’t you knit on that sock while Steph was reading, in a yarn shop? Hm… That may count as knitting , in a yarn shop. 😉

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