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Purple Koigu Shapely Shawlette

See that title up there? Say that 10 times fast. Yeah.


I’ve been wanting to knit one of these ever since I saw Judy’s at SPA. I love the simplicity of the pattern and the small size of this shawl. Perfect as an accessory – you know, when you don’t want to look like a total dork in a shawl (with a triangle pointing at your ass, right Norma?) but you need a little somethin-somethin to jazz up your outfit.

Please excuse crappy bathroom mirror shot taken at work. I had no photographers available.

I got the yarn, Purple Koigu, from Scout back in April with just this project in mind. The pattern calls for three skeins but I actually only used two. I modified the center stitches just a bit – I like a plain YO K1 YO for the center stitch increases rather than the sturdy center section the pattern asked for. While it’s a simple pattern, I did have to pay attention. Every once in a while a row would kick my ass and I’d be tinking back.


In spite of some of the challenges, it knit up quite fast. I started on a Saturday and finished on a Thursday. And I added beads to the cast off edge. It was my first time knitting with beads and I followed this tutorial from Knitty. I had great success with the dental floss threader method and I can’t wait to add beads to my knitting again.

In fact, I’ve got some more Koigu marinating in the stash. I’m thinking it would be really nice to have another one of these shawlettes, this time in blue!

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  1. Ohhhhh, that’s pretty. And I LOVE the yarn, too.
    Don’t think of it as pointing to your ass (like SOME people would), think of it as “tapering your hourglass figure”!

  2. Nice! I love the color – and usually I’m not a fan of the ‘little’ shawls – but this one is great! Must be the beads.

  3. well of course you know already that i think it’s beautiful.

    that dave is quite the silver tongued devil isn’t he.

  4. Norma is envious because she can’t knit lace. It’s very pretty and the Koigu just makes it with the way the colors blend.

  5. Nice shawlette! I love your use of marinating. I might have to start using that for all the yarn I have collected in the past year and a half. 🙂

  6. Very pretty indeed, perfect size with a lovely drape! What size beads are those?

  7. Oh, lovely. I come over here all nice and all my friends (?) are having a field day with me. You’re all mean. I’m going to go sit in the corner and eat worms. Because of course it’s all about me. Not about your pretty shawlette at all. Next time I’ll bring a damn skein of Trekking for you and then you’ll treat me NICE! Hee-hee.

  8. I have knit the garter stitch version of that shawlette from some beautiful alpaca and I get more compliments on that simple bit of knitting than anything else I’ve made!

    Yours looks GREAT!! Love the beaded edge.

  9. Carole, it’s lovely. I think you get the speed knitters award for this shawl. Amazing, and with the beads!

  10. Very cute! And thanks for the link to the beading tutorial. That has been something I have been wanting to try for awhile now! I have some pink Koigu in stash, I can get some beads, hum…….

    I think a new project has just been born!

  11. I think I bought that same Koigu from Scout. I was thinking of socks, because now that summer is coming of course socks are all I want to knit, but that shawlette is real purty. I’ve been wanting to work with beads also, so the tutorial link is very handy. (I read Knitty religiously. How do I miss these things?)

  12. I let my DFS remain shorter than I’d originally intended, but bigger than the scarf size in the pattern for the same reasons. My ass is plenty big enough without something pointing directly at it!

    I adore that color, but I’m alway a huge fan of blues and purples.

  13. I love your use of sock yarn for shawls. Genius! I plan to make one of those someday, too. It’s just a great size to add a little color to your outfit without too much weight.

  14. Having seen this shawlette up close and personal, I can vouch for just how lovely it is! That purple is a great color on you, too, Carole!

  15. Oh, that’s so pretty! I’ve never given that pattern much thought, but clearly it’s a gem. The beads are a lovely touch!

  16. That looks wonderful!

    I think I might make the smaller of the DFS’ because I like the idea of a smaller shawlette (and I like the idea of being almost done, too) ;o)

  17. Yahoo! You are one shawl-knittin’ mama! You just turn these things out (how many shawls this year?), and this one is tops in one of my favorite colors.

  18. Ooooh, lovely purple Koigu. Love love love Koigu. I’ve only ever made socks from it. Your scarf came out really pretty.

  19. Love the Shawlette! Next time try CROCHETING the beads on! It’s easier, less wear and tear on the yarn and THAT tutorial’s been on my sidebar for almost a year 🙂

  20. Carole what pattern if that? I have the Shapely Shawlette riged garter pattern but it looks different than yours…..

    I found two other patterns by her also…. can you tell me what one you did? I think it’s perfect for a gift for my mom.

  21. That’s really pretty Carole! The beads add a really nice touch. I got a few skeins of purple Koigu at Maryland and keep picking it up and admiring it. 😉

  22. Love the purpley-koiguy-shawlette! And isn’t the whole dental floss threader thing cool? Love that method for beads. And, um… did you just get your hair cut?? Looks fun and sassy in that over the shoulder back view shot there!

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